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Bob Katz

A Jew Finds His Messiah Through The 700 Club

By Sandy Engel
The 700 Club

Bob Katz was searching for something to fill the emptiness inside. Born and raised Jewish, Bob walked away from the temple as a teenager, and he never returned.

Bob’s emptiness and anger only intensified when his father committed suicide. After college, Bob joined the Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam. Three years later, feeling more unfulfilled than ever, he began graduate school.

Then one day between classes, Bob was clicking through the TV channels and saw The 700 Club.

"We weren’t allowed to watch Christian TV as children, my father wouldn’t let us, so I started to mock Pat: Another televangelist! When’s he going to start asking for money?"

Day after day Bob found himself continually searching for The 700 Club.

"I realized I had started to arrange all my next semester’s classes so that I would be home to watch The 700 Club. I thought, ‘Something’s going on here.’"

Bob began to mock less and to watch more. Then one day Bob remembers Pat giving an altar call.

"He started to describe someone, and it was like he was reading my mail," says Bob. "I got down on my knees and I said the sinner’s prayer. Nothing much happened, but I just felt kind of a light peace. I went to bed that night, and at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, this incredible light just—‘boom!’ —goes off in the room, and I go from laying down to sitting up. Nothing else—no visions, no angels, Jesus didn’t appear to me, no voices—just this incredible light. And I knew something had happened, something had changed my life forever."

That day Bob called The 700 Club. A counselor directed him to a local church where he began to feed on the Word of God.

"As I understood His Word, it became alive. There’s an emptiness in all of us that only the Holy Spirit’s going to fill. That’s just the truth of it."

Bob knew this truth was what he’d been missing all his life. Before long his gnawing emptiness and raging anger were gone.

"Those feelings had left me, and it was more of a post realization that I had changed. I just said, ‘Thank You, Lord: Keep working; keep working.’ It’s been a long, wonderful, gradual process of just feeling peace and joy."Bob and Jamie

Now a CPA and financial advisor, Bob has continued to watch The 700 Club for 25 years. He’s moved from mocking the ministry of CBN to supporting it. He and his wife, Jamie, are 1000 Club partners.

"We are living testimonies," Bob says. "We’ve always tithed, and as we’ve given more and more offerings, He’s blessed us back. And it’s not just monetary. He’s blessed us with love and peace and children."

For over 40 years, The 700 Club has been here for people like Bob Katz—people who are spiritually hungry, people who are desperately searching. Since September 11 the need is even greater.

"There’s going to be a great revival coming like never before, and a lot of hungry people are going to be seeking us. We’ve got to be ready," Bob admonishes.

The 700 Club stands ready every day—24 hours a day—with telephone counselors on call and help also available online.

"I shudder to think, that had I not committed my life to Christ at that moment in time, where that other road would have led me. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to personally thank Pat for his obedience, because I trace it back to The 700 Club and that moment in time," Bob concludes

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