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Kathy Boyd of Virginia Beach, Va., is a sales rep for a chemical company. As a single parent, Kathy supports herself and her young son, Cameron, on sales commissions. She found herself in financial crisis when sales were down and bills insurmountable. Kathy was forced to file for bankruptcy.

"Mentally, I was mortified. Mentally, I was embarrassed and ashamed," she says. "I am an intelligent lady. I am a good worker and I work hard. I had basically done everything that I could and still ended up in court. There were days that I ate my son's leftovers, and he never knew.

"But you know what? Kathy says through tears. " I lost weight and I was healthy and God kept me."

Kathy called CBN several times for prayer during her financial crisis. She decided to request literature on tithing. What she read was a confirmation of a teaching she heard at her church.

"I always knew, 'Kathy, It's going to get better, but you have to tithe.' I had taken myself out of the mainstream of the river of the blessings that God had. I knew this from my teachings and my salvation. I knew this. I knew I was tying God's hands. I knew that if I would step into obedience and do what He asked me to do, that He was going [to be there]. And He was hurting as hard as I was, because He couldn't change."

As a step of faith, Kathy wrote a check for $200 to her church. What happened next, Kathy says, was a miracle of God.

"That month was February, which is a short month and a bad month and nobody makes money. I made $2,108. I owed God $11," Kathy says smiling. "It was so phenomenal. I had given Him $200 and I made $2,108. And it just continued. In my business, if you don't go out there and work, you can go hungry. People were calling me. I didn't open that many more new accounts. People were calling me. And it was obviously God. And Cameron and I had money."

Now, as a partner with CBN, Kathy knows she is investing in the lives of people who are reaching out for help just like she was.

"You need to give somewhere that you know, for a fact, is doing the work of the Lord. CBN is beautiful. It's wonderful. It is right there for you any time day or night. They are there for me. I love them and I love the Jesus in every one of those prayer partners that have picked up that phone and answered my phone calls and have prayed with me this last year."

The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer calls from people looking for answers and needing God's truth in their lives. When you partner with CBN, you are helping to keep the phone lines manned, answering over 11,000 calls per day! And it doesn't stop there. You also help feed and clothe hungry children all over the world; help to provide medical care to those in desperate need and, most importantly, you share the good news of God's love. Join with us today!


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