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David Shamansky

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

By Kristi Watts
The 700 Club

It’s a beautiful afternoon in Lonetree, Colorado, and David and Tamara Shamansky are enjoying every minute of it. You see, they have a new appreciation for things now, because just a couple of years ago they almost lost it all.

The Shamansky’s are one of the rare new business owners that hit it big. So big that in just a few years, their small mortgage company grew into a multi-million dollar business.

“It has to be the Lord because there’s no other explanation,” says Tamara, realizing that God blessed their business. “I wanted to take the blessing that God gave to me and put it back into the kingdom."

“Flipping the channels one night with David we saw Operation Blessing,” explains Tamara. “They were doing a special about little kids I believe. It’s so upsetting to see the kids around the world have so much less than even the poorest kids here in the United States.”

So David and Tamara became CBN partners.

“I started off as a Founder and then it just kind of took off from there,” remembers Dave.

Business was going great and the money was flowing in. At the height of their success the unimaginable happened. Behind the scenes a so-called ‘friend’ was sabotaging the company.

“I lost employees, I lost name recognition, I lost my reputation and I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” recounts Tamara. “All of my resources He had given me were taken away. I questioned Him all the time, I mean why? Why? Is this really what He wanted for this business to become?”

David and Tamara were discouraged and confused. But as they watched The 700 Club they were reminded of a basic biblical principle.

This was the message they needed to hear. So despite their challenges, they pressed on and went back to the same principles that built their business up the first time.

“I’m just going to do this the right way,” says David. “I’m going to keep going to church. I’m going to keep doing my tithes, I’m going to keep doing my offerings and as long as I can. If I’ve got the means to do it, I’m going to do it.”

“Even though it was difficult financially it was still easy to write that check and send it out because I knew where it was going,” adds Tamara.

It’s been less than two years and God has completely restored their company. Business is going great. In fact the Shamansky’s are no longer CBN Founders. They have increased their pledge to the Chairman’s Circle.

“God will see you through, people make it a bigger deal than it is,” says David. “You can give the money and you’re still going to be fine.”

“Money is nothing, you can lose it in a flash and God can bless you and bring it all back,” says Tamara, with a great deal of wisdom in her voice.

David and Tamara were faithful and obedient to God's prompting, and He has filled their lives with blessings. He wants to bless you, too! Discover God's secret of reciprocity by becoming a CBN partner today. Through your partnership with CBN, you will help feed hungry children here in America and around the world, give practical teaching and biblical answers through The 700 Club broadcast, and bring relief to those with physical and spiritual needs. Please join today.

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