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Every great work of God is preceded by prayer, and the life-changing blessings that result from it are beyond description.

You can learn to experience miraculous answers to prayer as Pat Robertson shares biblical and personal insights from a lifetime of answered prayer.

In CBN’s latest DVD release, Answered Prayer: How to Pray Effectively and See God Work in Your Life, Pat Robertson, interviewed by Scott Ross, answers the questions you have regarding prayer and seeing your prayers answered. Pat shares remarkable stories about miraculous answers to prayer and the things he has learned on his extraordinary journey through life.

This exclusive new teaching DVD reveals:

  • Key insights on how to access and experience God’s favor.
  • Identify the secrets to gaining wisdom and blessing through prayer.
  • How the words you speak can affect the prayers you pray.
  • How to avoid hindrances to effective prayer that limit God’s blessing.
  • The one thing to never do when waiting for an answer to prayer.

Plus, your faith will be strengthened as you see these inspirational true stories of people who have encountered God’s life-changing power through prayer:

  • Buried by an avalanche. The story of two young men who faced a life or death situation and how God intervened to save them.
  • On the verge of financial ruin, a man prayed and acted on faith—and then saw the hand of God in a miraculous way.
  • Electrocuted by 12,000 volts this husband was dying—until his wife prayed.

As you witness God’s acts of power in these modern-day miracles, you’ll experience a new level of faith to see God work in your life too. What God has done for one, He will do for you!

A Life’s Testimony of Answered Prayer.

In 1960, Pat and Dede Robertson arrived in Tidewater, Virginia with three little children, $70 in cash, and a command from the Lord to claim the airwaves from the prince of the power of the air and give them to the Prince of Peace. Living by faith and fueled by the power of prayer—the fledgling CBN Ministries began broadcasting from an old TV station that barely reached the end of the block. Today, CBN reaches all corners of the globe with the gospel of Jesus Christ through online evangelism, television broadcasts and humanitarian outreach that impacts hundreds of millions of people every year.

“Pat is a man that inquires of God and then walks in obedience.”
Kay Arthur, Author.
“Pat’s life has touched so many millions of people with this power of God, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, that has transformed and changed lives by the millions.”
Franklin Graham, President and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

Experience the power of prayer through CBN’s latest teaching, Answered Prayer: How to Pray Effectively and See God Work in Your Life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Dr. Pat Robertson’s new DVD teaching:

With powerful insights, Dr. Pat Robertson reveals biblical principles that will renew and transform your prayer life. Pat addresses your questions about prayer, revealing the biblical basis for seeing the release of God’s life-changing power.
How to enter into the dynamic experience of answered prayer and unwavering faith knowing that God is a good Father who wants to bless you, and display His glory through you.
In Chapter 2, Praying for Direction:
How seeking God in prayer in a small chapel in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY, Pat hears the will of God at a pivotal time in his life, releasing Pat and his young family to move to Virginia and ultimately launch The Christian Broadcasting Network.
The story of the gold fleece, and how God responded to a desperate prayer through a remarkable set of circumstances.
The inspired request that Pat prayed for his lifelong work, and how God answered with wisdom, favor and His supernatural anointing.
Pat shows how you too can ask freely, and how the favor of God is available to all believers, NOW!
In Chapter 4, Praying for Finances:
Discover the biblical approach to asking for financial provision and how divine providence has played an integral part in Pat’s life. Pat also reveals the principle of “anticipatory giving”—the strategic act of faith that releases provision by igniting powerful spiritual laws.
Learn about the power of “releasing prayer”—and the peace that it produces. Develop the spiritual habits that give peace in the midst of life’s storms. Discover how disobedience disqualifies us from God’s best.
Learn how to hear from God, identify His will and how to avoid being misled.
Pat warns about the “faith-killers” that all Christians face. You’ll learn how to develop the practice of speaking life—avoiding negative statements that can hinder answered prayer.
In Chapter 8, The Importance of a Thankful Heart:
Pat shares personal stories how thankfulness makes a way for expanded blessing, and how the way out of the wilderness is “overcoming praise.” Your perspective on disappointment will be transformed as you learn how worship through life’s low points sets the benchmark for the heights God will take you in answered prayer.

The anointed teachings and inspired testimonies in Pat Robertson’s Answered Prayer will impart faith to your Christian walk as you experience the power of God’s eternal promises. As you put these biblical principles into practice, you will experience a new level of confidence in prayer enabling you to see dramatic answers to your prayers, too.

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