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Partner Survey Responses

The teaching was good.
                   Jim E. from Appleton, WI

Everything was enjoyable, especially Pat’s definitions to the questions.  Good teaching tool!
                   Elizabeth M. from Bryantown, MD

It was very informative and well done.  It enhances my spiritual understanding.
                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. from New Market, VA

The content was really, really good and the analogies were great.  Highly inspiring!
                   Mrs. Richard S. from Sierra Vista, AZ

Loved it!  It was in-depth, factual and historical, like attending a Bible study without leaving the house!
                   Clarence J. from Mount Vernon, NY 

The entire DVD was wonderful!
                   Mrs. Gary N. from Moundsville, WV

This was great!  I liked the explanation of the gifts and how they work – Pat is a good teacher.  The content was clear, factual and applicable.  I have been a Christian for many years and still learned some things I did not know.
                   Ann W. from Westminster, CO

Thought it took me to a place where I understood faith better than before. 
                   Mary R. from Clermont, FL

Pat was clear, straight forward and easy to follow. 
                   Marian S. from Washington, PA