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Let the Spoken Word of God Change Your Life

Let the Spoken Word of God Change Your Life

As a special gift to CBN partners, Pat Robertson has recorded the Gospel of John—one of the most beloved books in the Bible.

More than any other Gospel, John reveals Jesus Christ as the divine Son of God. We see Jesus as the Word becoming flesh, the true Light of the World, the Lamb of God, and the Bread of Life.

The spoken Word of God has power to transform your life. When you partner with CBN, you’ll receive a set of 2 audio CDs of this tremendous Gospel.

Special Bonus When You Join Online

When you partner with CBN online, you are automatically signed up for Pledge Express, CBN’s secure electronic giving. In addition to the 2-CD set, you’ll also receive a DVD and access to streaming of The Gospel of John. This DVD features beautiful scenes of God’s creation and Pat’s reading of the Word. You can also request Pledge Express over the phone by calling 800-700-7000.

Giving through Pledge Express saves you time and money, ensuring your gift goes further in meeting needs of hurting people. It saves CBN time and money as well, and we are able to send you an additional teaching resource each month to help build your faith. 

Get Pat Robertson’s newest CD/DVD set, The Gospel of John. Exclusively for CBN partners, it’s our gift to you when you join the 700 Club.