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Blessed Beyond Measure

Over the last 400 years, America has become greater than any nation the world has ever known.

Why is our nation so richly blessed and protected by God?

In this compelling teaching, "Driven to Missions," Gordon Robertson explores the reasons behind the unprecedented standard of living America has enjoyed throughout its illustrious history.

According to Gordon, we are now at a spiritual crossroad -- a critical juncture in our nation. Our actions will impact the future of generations to come. Amazingly, this message was presented at a CBN gathering months before September 11, 2001. In light of current world events, his words take on even greater urgency.

For your special gift to the ministry of CBN, we will send you this exclusive audiotape. "Driven to Missions" will take you on an extraordinary journey through the past and empower you with the biblical knowledge you need for the challenging days ahead.

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