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What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter?
By Connie Neal

What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter?

By Linda Michaels
Staff Writer - What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter?

It’s a wonderful question. And author Connie Neal provides the most thorough answer you could ever hope for.

If you’re like me, what you’d like to do with Harry Potter falls into the realm of fantasy -- like the stories themselves. I’d like to live in a world where Harry Potter books have never been written. I wish the children of America had never heard of this “wizard in training.” And I’d be happy if a major movie about Harry were not being released this fall.

Unfortunately, none of these things are true, and Harry Potter, whether I like it or not, is here to stay.

So if you have a child, love a child, or even know a school-age child, you might be wise to know not just how you feel about Harry Potter, but why you feel that way.

That’s what makes this book so important. Whether you feel that the Harry Potter series is a wonderful vehicle for teaching children moral values or a dangerous introduction into the world of the occult, it is wise to be able to support that position with a well thought out argument. To reject the books without having read them or without understanding them, renders our opinion irrelevant.

But many of us aren’t about to take time out of our harried schedule to read these books. And thanks to this author, we don’t have to.

Connie spent more than a year researching every aspect of this debate. She looks at the differing opinions of leaders in the Christian faith and explains why sincere believers can come to opposite views on this issue.

And maybe that’s the greatest value of this book. If you’ve ever had a conversation with another believer about Harry Potter, you’ve probably discovered that it can be a very divisive issue. And division in the body of Christ can be as dangerous as any affect Harry could have on children.

So regardless of your opinion about Harry Potter, reading this book will probably help you develop a more understanding heart towards those that hold a differing viewpoint from your own.

For that reason alone this book is worth your time.

Read an exerpt from Chapter Five, "What Would Jesus Do With Harry Potter?"

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