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American Life Expectancy Has Doubled in the Past Century

More and more Americans are living past 100, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nuns Celebrate Century of Prayer, Aim for 100 More

A group of cloistered nuns in Philadelphia is celebrating 100 years of non-stop prayer, and they're seeking 100 more.

Retired Navy SEAL Shares 100 Deadly Skills

Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shares a hands-on, practical survival guide adapted for civilians from actual special forces operations....

Club 700 Hoy: Diciembre 6, 2015 #542

El Sicólogo argentino Adrián Intrieri, especializado en la problemática adolescente, nos habla sobre su libro “Dios me ve perfecto...

Mundo Cristiano: diciembre 4, 2015

En Venezuela creyentes se unen en oración por el futuro del país previa a las elecciones parlamentarias. Evangélicos en...

Ella tiene más de 100 hijos

Imagina que un día llegas a casa y tienes un hijo más. Y pasa el tiempo y llega otro...

CBN News Weekend: Sex Trafficking and Survival

On CBN News Weekend, Nov. 14: Every year here in america 100 thousand children are sexually exploited by traffickers....

Problemas versus solución

Al menos 100 mil personas indocumentadas son deportadas anualmente por Estados Unidos. La mayoría llega a Tijuana y allí...

Bringing Relief to Flood Devastated Myanmar

CBN Humanitarian and Disaster Relief teams are bringing aid to the people of Myanmar. The nation was devastated by...

Brace Yourself: No Relief from Triple Digit Temps

If you live in the Northeast, brace yourselves for another extremely hot and steamy day.

Kenyan Teachers Abandon Posts over Terror Fears

Nearly 100 public schools have closed in Kenya as teachers refuse to work out of fear of terrorist attacks.

Nicaragua Canal: A Game Changer in Central America?

The Panama Canal has represented the shortest route to global shipping between the east and the west for more...

Nation on Fire: Saudi Arabia Steps into Yemen Fray

A nation that President Barack Obama once heralded as a success story in the war on terror is now...

How Yemen's Chaos Threatens US Security

Al Qaeda has a long history in Yemen and it's been the breeding ground for several plots against the...

More than 100 Women, Children Kidnapped in Nigeria

More than 100 Women, Children Kidnapped in Nigeria

Un filtro de agua para Mirna y su Familia!

13 de cada 100 niños mueren en Latinoamérica por consumir agua contaminada. Y la solución es tan fácil como...

Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus Uses Prayer as a Weapon

Named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesus shares how we can all “stand...

'Laundry Love' Washes Clothes for Calif. Homeless

'Laundry Love' Washes Clothes for Calif. Homeless