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Devastated Oklahoma Town Served a 'Table of Hospitality'

Devastated Oklahoma Town Served a 'Table of Hospitality'

Rid Your Home of Youth Entitlement

Author and mother Kay Wyma discusses how to make your children more responsible around the house.



CBN NewsWatch: November 5, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 5.: Governor elections a peek at current voter attitudes, Forty-two days of worship ends near...

The Watchman: Muslim Brotherhood "Inside the Wire" - November 5, 2013

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we sit down with national security expert Frank Gaffney for an in-depth...

News on The 700 Club: Nov. 5, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Nov. 5: President's Obamacare vow returns to haunt him, Saeed's life in jeopardy...

The 700 Club - Nov. 5, 2013

Ultimate Fighter Justin Wren struggled with low self esteem even after achieving his dream of becoming a professional fighter....

700 Club Canada: Nov. 5, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for Nov. 5, 2013

700 Club Interactive: Keep Calm and Carry On - Nov. 5, 2013

Learn the history behind the iconic phrase "Keep calm and carry on," and hear how you can make it...

News Channel Morning Edition: Nov. 5 , 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 5: President's Obamacare vow returns to haunt him, Voter turnout key in close Va....

Greg's Great Race

In 30 days Greg will travel to 5 countries, 27 cities to share a message of hope and how...

Amish School Shooter's Widow Finds Peace in God

Marie Monville shares how life changed when her husband killed himself and five Amish school children.


Before 2003, there were about 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. Today, there are less than half a million. Sectarian...

Millions to Gather Sunday to Pray for Jerusalem

Millions to Gather Sunday to Pray for Jerusalem

Living in a Home of Plastic and Leaves

When she could find work, Maria sometimes made $5 a day cutting weeds and grass. At night, Maria and...

A Preschooler Sings To Survive

Orphaned at birth, 5-year-old Sidhu spent his days singing in the streets of his village, hoping to earn enough...


Studies estimate there are more than 5 million Christians working in full time ministry. More than a million of...

Week of Prayer September 5, 2013: Caroline Barnett

Author and co-founder of the LA Dream Center, Caroline Barnett kicks off CBN's 'Seven Days Ablaze' week of chapel...