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News on The 700 Club: December 10, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" Dec. 10: Hamas warns 'we'll never surrender 'Palestine,' Navy SEAL dies rescuing US...

Bring It On: Sin of Presumption

What is the sin of presumption? What does it mean to "walk in the Spirit?" What should a parent...

700 Club Canada: December 10, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for December 10, 2012.

The 700 Club - December 10, 2012

By society's standards, Charles was a lost cause as a functional illiterate. See how Jesus changed his life. Plus,...

CBN Global Update: December 10, 2012

CBN is bringing medical care and more to a tribal village on the Thai-Burma boarder.

700 Club Interactive: The Nativity - December 10, 2012

See what the first Christmas was really like, as we take a look into the true history of this holiday.

Club 700 Hoy: Diciembre 9, 2012 #390

Dr. Edwin Lemuel Ortiz. autor y conferencista, nos habla de las anacondas emocionales y nos presenta su libro "Intimidades",...

Orphan's Promise Helps Family Move Out of Tent

CBN's Orphan's Promise builds a home for a Gypsy family living in a Ukrainian tent city.

Christian World News: December 7, 2012

On Christian World News, Dec. 7: Pastor says Egypt's going back to the Dark Ages; Philippines combs typhoon wreckage...

CBN NewsWatch: December 7, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 7: Pot, Gay Marriage Votes Spur Complex Legal Dance; Egyptian pastor says Egypt's going back...

News on The 700 Club: December 7, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" Dec. 7: Pot, gay marriage votes spur complex legal dance, Philippines comb wreckage...

Father and Son Remember Heavenly Experience

While Todd Burpo thought his son was dying, Colton was actually experiencing heaven. Hear their first-hand account of the experience.

Bring It On: Consequences of Sin

Why do you promote and celebrate Christmas when it has nothing to do with Jesus? Christmas is based on...


You may have heard about Colorado Springs and Orlando---Christian "Mecca Cities" for ministry organizations, but have you heard about...

700 Club Canada: December 7, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for December 7, 2012.

The Brody File: The Cliff, The Border & The War

This week on The Brody File, Grover comes over to talk about the fiscal cliff and the future of...

Traditions of Christmas: Mistletoe

Author Ace Collins shares the history behind mistletoe and Christmas intimacy.

CBN NewsWatch: December 6, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 6: Sen. DeMint resigns to head conservative group; Stakes high for marriage fight at the...