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Bring It On-Line: God's Healing

Does God choose only certain people to heal? And, if not, why hasn't my husband received his healing yet?...

The 700 Club - August 19, 2014

Stephen’s mother was involved in his father’s murder and she was sentenced to death. Plus, a painful rash on...

700 Club Canada: August 19, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 19, 2014

700 Club Interactive: Help for Hurting Hearts - August 19, 2014

A parent’s worst nightmare comes true for one pastor – who’s now using his brokenness to help others pick...

Government Healthcare Killing the Family Practice?

Thanks to increased pressure from the government, Medicare, and insurance companies, an increasing number of family doctors are closing...

CBN NewsWatch: August 18, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Aug. 18: Kurdish fighters reclaim Mosul Dam from ISIS terrorists; Congressman warns ISIS could spread to...

CBN Global Update: August 18, 2014

CBN’s China ministry website wins highest award at a gospel film festival in Asia.

News on The 700 Club: August 18, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 18: Kurdish fighters reclaim Mosul Dam from ISIS terrorists; National Guard called...

Bring It On-Line: Bible Translations

If my baby is in heaven and if I will see him again one day,will he be a baby...

The 700 Club - August 18, 2014

For over two decades Becky was plagued with dizziness until she prayed along with prayer on TV.

Jason Avant: NFL Preacher Dude

Jason talks about the importance of living life as an example in the NFL

Jason Avant Heads South

NFL wide receiver talks about embarking on his career as a Carolina Panther and his excitement about what God...

Fear Not: An Artistic Journey

An artist feels trapped by fear and self doubt in a corporate cubicle world until she seeks God and...

700 Club Interactive: Freedom in Forgiveness - August 18, 2014

What would you do if you woke up and realized that you had killed two people? That happened...

700 Club Canada: August 18, 2014

Watch the 700 Club Canada for August 18, 2014

CBN NewsWatch: August 15, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Aug. 15:Churches open doors to refugees fleeing ISIS; Drastic St. Louis shift after State Patrol takes...

Christian World News: August 15, 2014

This week on Christian World News: From northern Iraq, see how churches in Kurdistan are giving shelter and comfort...

Kevin Sorbo’s God is Not Dead!

Hollywood acting veteran Kevin Sorbo shares on themes of faith, doubt and disbelief addressed in his movie, “God’s Not Dead.”