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The 700 Club - June 18, 2013

Pastor and author Wilfredo De Jesus shares about his ministry to reach the poor. Plus, for years after Mary's...

700 Club Canada: June 18, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 18, 2013

700 Club Interactive: Young and Sick - June 18, 2013

Is God always good? See how Matt Chandler, pastor of Village Church, was able to believe in God's goodness...

Forgiving Your Son's Killer

For years after Mary's son was murdered she struggled to completely forgive his murderer.

Bring It On-Line: Beliving In Prayer

Does God really expect me to go to every church service? Does this measure my commitment to Him? If...

News on The 700 Club: June 17, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" June 17: Weather drama: fire, floods plague Colorado, Texas; Israeli prime minister expects...

CBN Global Update: June 17, 2013

CBN’s Superbook aired throughout the Philippines this week to an estimated 1.2 million viewers. There were over 1800 professions...

The 700 Club - June 17, 2013

Los Angeles Dodgers First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez talks faith and baseball. Plus, Josh spent 16 years in prison for...

Get to Know Wendy Griffith

On Wendy's first day co-hosting The 700 Club, we'll get to know her by taking a look back...

700 Club Interactive: Free From Addiction - June 17, 2013

Hear how two men found freedom in the midst of drug addiction.

700 Club Canada: June 17, 2013

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 17, 2013

CBN's Pat Robertson Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

CBN's Pat Robertson Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Back from Death's Door: 'Hoovey' a Must See Movie

Eric "Hoovey" Elliott was a young boy with a very promising basketball career until a potentially fatal illness...

Club 700 Hoy: Junio 16, 2013 #415

Andrés Panasiuk, Fundador de Cultura Financiera, responde a preguntas hechas por nuestra audiencia. También, Olga Breeskin nos da esperanza...

Gabriel Trejo: Viví en depresión por el rechazo de mi familia.

Muchas veces tenemos reacciones en la vida que no comprendemos el por que hasta que alguien nos cuenta algo...

Lucas Leys: Discusiones necesarias?

No todo momento es bueno para discutir temas en familia. El autor argentino Lucas Leys, comparte prácticas orientaciones al respecto.

Lucas Leys: Conoce el mundo de tus hijos.

Aprender a conocer el mundo de nuestros hijos es de vital importancia para entablar una relación saludable con ellos....

Lucas Leys: Se amigo de los amigos de tus hijos.

Sabía usted que acercarse a los amigos de su hijos, puede ser una excelente manera de influir positivamente en...