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700 Club Interactive: Bad Religion - June 1, 2012

New York Times writer Ross Douthat takes on the condition of Christianity in America with his latest book Bad Religion.

David Garrard: Counting on the Lord

CBN Sports sits down with the veteran NFL quarterback to discuss his faith and future on the gridiron.

Chanay's Letter to CBN

A 14-year-old Cambodian girl watches a CBN children’s program, prays to receive Jesus as savior and then corresponds...

Mary Greer: 'He Called Me By Name'

For more than 20 years, Mary Greer lived in darkness because of persistent migraines.

Lurys Bourdett

Lurys Bourdett se casó muy ilusionada pero pronto se daría cuenta que estaba por pasar una terrible pesadilla cuando...

Pedro Pablo Urzua

A Pedro Pablo se le muere la madre a los diez años. Cansado de la relación mala con su...

Mario y Nora Sánchez

Mario y Nora Sánchez decidieron irse a vivir juntos, sin casarse, para ver cómo les iba. Pero al cabo...

Taekwondo Kid

Joseph es como cualquier chico de su edad pero él ha decidido alcanzar sus metas y hoy es un...

Trabajo en Equipo con Tiburones

Dos buzos profesionales nadan en un tanque con 22 tiburones para limpiarlo, y lo logran gracias al trabajo en...

Obesidad Infantil

Por muchos años, en Latinoamérica ha existido la creencia de que los niños que comen bien deben verse con...

News on The 700 Club: May 31, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for May 31, the top headlines from CBN News include -- US Tax...

Larry Crabb: 'The Pressure's Off'

Author Larry Crabb shares how life's curve balls can sometimes contain life's biggest blessings, if we'll just relax.

The 700 Club - May 31, 2012

Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan. Plus , author Larry Crabb...

Norton Rodríguez - "Furia Escondida"

Norton Rodríguez, Productor y Director de Cine, nos cuenta sobre la realización de su más reciente película "Furia Escondida".

Bring It On: Depression

My wife and I are depressed and no longer want to live. We've been committed Christians for over 20...

700 Club Interactive: Frequency - May 31, 2012

Author Casey Bankord shares about his new book Frequency, and how you can intentionally live on your God-given wavelength.

'The Girl In The Window'

Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan who had been neglected and...

Pauline's West African Miracle

Pauline lives in Benin West Africa and suffered from a debilitating back problem that was miraculously healed while she...