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Israel’s Position on the World Stage

Anti-Israel bias has been a problem in the United Nations for decades. Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon,...

700 Club Interactive - July 20, 2018

Wilbur Zook went a year with unexplained back and hip pain and no lasting relief. He finally turned to...

700 Club Interactive - July 19, 2018

Catch The Fire Ministries Leader Patricia Bootsma reveals secrets to living saturated in God¹s presence.

Living in God’s Presence

Catch The Fire Ministries Leader Patricia Bootsma shares secrets to living saturated in God¹s presence with Gordon Robertson.

700 Club Interactive - July 18, 2018

Two-time World Series champ Aubrey Huff appeared to have a successful life and baseball career but hid his misery...

700 Club Interactive - July 17, 2018

He is an entertainment lawyer representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Mark H. Maxwell discusses his...

Forget Networking and Serve Instead

Entertainment lawyer, Mark Maxwell, shares how you can find success through serving.

700 Club Interactive - July 16, 2018

Two friends survive a boat crash in alligator-infested waters in the middle of the night near Baton Rouge.

700 Club Interactive - July 13, 2018

Josh Zeitz was abandoned by his mother and later adopted, after going to various foster homes. He struggled for...

700 Club Interactive - July 12, 2018

Rayeesa, a former Muslim recounts her journey to faith and freedom.

700 Club Interactive - July 11, 2018

Growing up amidst her family’s drug and gang activity, Grace became a drug and alcohol abuser—until an accident that...

700 Club Interactive - July 10, 2018

A teen is rushed to the ER and then lapses into a coma. See how one family fights for...

700 Club Interactive - July 9, 2018

Jill Donovan shares how an embarrassing Oprah appearance caused her to rethink her re-gifting strategy & unexpectedly launch a...

700 Club Interactive - July 5, 2018

Brothers David and Jason Benham were fired by HGTV for their faith and lost their reality show, but they...

700 Club Interactive - July 4, 2018

Heidi Baker gives personal insight into living from the presence of God and the lifelong continuous influence of the...

700 Club Interactive - July 3, 2018

Singer-songwriter David Dunn will discuss his faith and how following the Lord led him to write music that honors...

700 Club Interactive - July 2, 2018

A six-week-old with a deadly heart defect inspires a prayer chain across the country.

700 Club Interactive - June 29, 2018

A young athlete is rushed to the ER and his parents team up with the surgeons for a miracle.