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One Woman Lives the Mission in Africa

Discover how a college student is building a village of hope in Ghana

The 700 Club - June 14, 2016

An adult film star leaves the industry for good after hearing a Bible story. Plus, Devon Leondis shares how...

A Heart For Orphans in Africa

Devon Leondis will share about her faith and how she helps orphans in Africa.

Tanzania, Israel Partner in 'Crown Jewel' of Life-Saving Missions

Tanzania, Israel Partner in 'Crown Jewel' of Life-Saving Missions

Why No One Cares about the 'Campaign of Death' against Christians

The bombing of Christians in Pakistan on Easter was just one of the latest examples of rising Christian persecution...

Innovation Africa

Bringing Israeli Technologies Around the World

700 Club Interactive - Innovation Africa - March 23, 2016

See how technology from Israel is changing the world.

Why Anti-Israel Boycott Is a 'Mockery' of the South African Struggle

Decades after a boycott movement helped end South Africa's apartheid system, Palestinians are gaining traction with a similar campaign...

A Baby's Deformity Becomes and Opportunity for a Blessing

In some cultures, having a baby born with a cleft lip is seen as a punishment for the parents....

From Drugs to Jesus, Machine Gun Preacher’s Wife Tells Her Story

Before she was the “Machine Gun Preacher’s wife”, Lynn lived a life full of stripping, drugs and partying until...

Couple Dedicates Resources to Helping Others

When the Princes retired, they moved to South Africa and invested their lives and resources into helping the poor....

Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Strike Beachfront Hotel in Somalia

Islamic terrorism has struck again. This time it's the terrorists of Al-Shabab, unleashing death and destruction on Somalia's capital...

CBN News Minute - January 22 2016

Today’s CBN News Minute: Winter Storm Jonas set to wallop East Coast… March for Life today as pro-lifers oppose...

Hungry and Left Alone—Is There a Better Life?

While Ababalwe’s sister went to school and his mother looked for work, this little boy in South Africa played...

Mike Riddering's Brother Recalls Slain Missionary's 'Radical' Transformation

American missionary Mike Riddering was one of 28 people killed in a terrorist attack in West Africa last Friday....

A land where nothing grows

A missionary returned to his homeland of Senegal, Africa, to find the soil dry and barren, and he struggled...

Orphan’s Promise Helps Build a Library in Kenya

One woman gives a gift to the orphaned girls in Africa that enables the facility to build a new library.

Teach Me To Fish

Three families are helped by Orphan’s Promise, not just given supplies, but given the opportunity for continued income.