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CBN Global Update: March 5, 2018

A local school supported by Orphan’s Promise, recently hosted more than 500 of their young students for an outreach festival.

CBN NewsWatch: March 5, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, March 5: President Trump is moving forward with a plan to place tariffs on imported steel...

700 Club Canada: March 5, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for March 5, 2018

700 Club Interactive - March 5, 2018

Actress Madeline Carroll talks about her new film “I Can Only Imagine,” based on the true story of MercyMe’s...

The 700 Club - Billy Graham Funeral Coverage

The 700 Club - Billy Graham Funeral Coverage

Christian World News - March 2, 2018

Christian World News - March 2, 2018

The Global Lane - March 2, 2018

This week: Papal meeting brings new hope for Pakistan prisoner Asia Bibi: Life & legacy of Richard & Sabina...

Actress Shares New Film ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Actress Madeline Carroll discusses her film ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ and how she landed the role of Shannon.

Saying Yes to Ruth

When Meadow Merrill dreamed of adoption, she never thought that would include a little girl from Uganda with cerebral...

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/2/18 Israeli Jews Helping Christians Help Syrian Muslims

A special look at one of the most amazing Middle East stories today -- Christian medical personnel risking their...

The 700 Club - March 2, 2018

Meet Madeline Carroll, the actress from the upcoming film I Can Only Imagine. Plus, a doubting woman is surprised...

Small Chance of Survival Yields Miraculous Recovery

Doctors struggled to stabilize Heather after a car accident, but her mother refused to accept anything less than healing.

Ready to Die, Woman Finds New Life

Addicted to alcohol and drugs, Elisa was prepared to die when she went to the hospital. After doctors saved...

Praying For Your Needs: March 2, 2018

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for...

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - March 2, 2018


News on The 700 Club: March 2, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Mar 2.: Terror victim's parents beg Senate to end 'Pay-to-Slay'; The US has...

'I Can Only Imagine' Actress Shares Faith

Actress Madeline Caroll shares how she landed a role in the upcoming movie, I Can Only Imagine.

Life of Distractions Gives Way to True Value

Betrayed by her own mother in the midst of abuse, Tina spent years looking for an escape from the...