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VIDEO: Grupo de pilotos viaja a zonas remotas del mundo para evangelizar

Conozca cómo comparte del amor de Jesús en estos sitios.

Indonesia, Malaysia to Temporarily House Migrants

Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to give temporary shelter to thousands of migrants stranded at sea.

Will Baby Z Go Blind Like Mom?

Zulfikar’s mom is going blind from cataracts she had as a child. The young child’s eyes are showing the...

Jungle Runway Lays Path for Evangelism

Missionaries recently traveled to the village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia, with a goal to bring help and healing...

VIDEO: Institución cristiana da educación gratuita a niños pobres de Indonesia

La escuela ayuda a transformar los corazones y mentes de los alumnos.

American Demand for Fish Funding Slavery?

A year-long investigation by The Associated Press found connections between modern-day slaves in Indonesia and supply chains of seafood...

New School Empowers, Inspires Destitute Village Kids

Poor and uncshooled childred in Indonesia are receiving a free education thanks to CBN.

Tribu indonesia celebra traducción de Biblia en su lengua

Tribu indonesia celebra traducción de Biblia en su lengua

CBN Global Update: February 23, 2015

CBN is reaching kids in Indonesia thanks to young Superbook fans volunteering in a powerful way.

When It Hurts Too Much to Play

Seven-year-old Idris doubled over in pain when he tried to kick the soccer ball. His hernia was getting worse,...

Party Time! Remote Tribe Gets Bible in Their Language

What happens when a remote tribal group receives God's word in their own language for the very first time?

Please, Stop Her Pain!

Maria’s hernia was getting worse, and her parents, unable to afford surgery, begged God to heal her. See their...


A tribe in Indonesia celebrated the arrival of the first Scriptures in its language with a huge party.

Scavenging the Ocean Floor for a Miracle

Rama’s hardworking parents were about to give up trying to fund the surgery necessary to correct his cleft lip....

Officials: 2nd AirAsia Black Box Being Analyzed

Officials: 2nd AirAsia Black Box Being Analyzed

When Eating Means Choking…

Every time baby Alfin would nurse, he choked because of his cleft lip and palate. His distraught parents who...

Divers Locate Black Boxes in Air Asia Crash

Divers Locate Black Boxes in Air Asia Crash

Mundo Cristiano: Enero 9, 2015

Hoy veamos. Iglesia de Indonesia ora para dar Consuelo a las familias del vuelo 8501- Airasia. Cristianos de Cuba...