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Marco Rubio Tweaks Trump at CPAC 2016

The Conservative Political Action Conference began this morning’s events not with presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who was scheduled to...

Down and Dirty: Mud Flies at Republican Debate

The Republican presidential contest was already a heated affair. Thursday night's debate in Michigan can be summed up in...

Bill of Goods? The Ugly Truth about Bernie's 'Democratic Socialism'

What is "democratic socialism?" It's seemingly popular among millennials hoping to receive a "free lunch," but does it beat...

Mitt Romney's Epic Trump Take-Down: 'He's a Phony!'

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke out in an epic take-down of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, calling him...

Russell Moore: "Don't Call Me Evangelical...For Now"

In a presidential election year there's a lot of talk in the media about the so-called "evangelical voter."

Presidential Candidate Forum with Ben Carson

Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke at Regent University, taking questions from CBN Founder Pat Robertson and the audience.

Ben Carson at Regent: 'I'm Not in This for Myself'

Despite trailing in the polls, Dr. Ben Carson says he won't bow to the whims of the political class and...

Presidential Candidate Forum with Jeb Bush

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke at Regent University, taking questions from CBN Founder Pat Robertson and the audience.

Rivals Pound Trump over KKK, Taxes Ahead of Super Tuesday

The countdown is on to Super Tuesday, with 11 states up for grabs. The pressure has presidential candidates throwing...

Ted Cruz to Evangelicals: Upcoming Election More Important Than Ever

With just days until the crucial Super Tuesday primaries, Ted Cruz is hoping to bolster his standing among evangelicals....

Presidential Candidate Forum with Ted Cruz

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke at Regent University, taking questions from CBN Founder Pat Robertson and the audience.

Presidential Candidate Forum with Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke before a packed theater at Regent University, taking questions from CBN Founder Pat Robertson...

Trump Clobbers Rivals in Nevada; Rubio Wins Second Place

Donald Trump is one step closer to the GOP nomination after a big victory in the Nevada caucuses. Meanwhile,...

Rubio Stops to Pray for Collapsed Elderly Man at Rally

During Sen. Marco Rubio's rally in Clemson, South Carolina, the presidential candidate stopped his speech in order to pray...

Sweet Tea, Dirty Politics: A winning Combo in SC

The Palmetto State has a history of nasty campaign tricks and this time was no different.

Bernie Sanders Appeal: Why Socialism Gets Young People Going

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is the first openly socialist candidate to gain widespread popular support.

Here Comes South Carolina, Where Campaigns Get Downright Nasty

New Hampshire and Iowa were winnowing grounds for the little guys, but now the big-name candidates for president are...

Time for Action: A Warning to Christians about the Cost of Silence

Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says his dad, Rafael, is his hero and is the one who taught...