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HC Debate: What Happens from Here

HC Debate: What Happens from Here

Montana Makes Way for Assisted Suicide

Montana Makes Way for Assisted Suicide

Europe Cracks Down on Home School Parents

Europe Cracks Down on Home School Parents

Christmas Story Changes Green Beret's Heart

Frank Welch was a policeman, and he was supposed to protect people from criminals, but years of witnessing violence...

Miracle Music

George sits first chair in the cello section of his orchestra class at Oak Knoll Middle School in Hanover,...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Thomas

It would take a near-fatal accident for Rod Thomas to see the joy in Christmas. But that's exactly what...

Nature's Flu Fighters Lower Risk of Getting Sick

This could be a very bad season for the flu and many believe that season could start early.

MRSA Infection Spreading Among Young Athletes

Experts are seeing an increase in the staph infection MRSA among children who participate in sports.

Tony Gaskins, Jr.: Saving the Preacher's Son

"I went from being a church boy to being a thug overnight, basically. Just searching for myself..."

How You Can Start Spending Smart

Everyday spending can make or break your budget, but with these tips you can likely spend the right way.

Steven Scott: Fortune Found in Proverbs

Founder of the largely successful American Telecast tells how he lost nine jobs before finding his route to success.

What 2009 Holds for Israel

What effect the Gaza war will have on the Mideast will be one just of the major questions for...

Sailing on Faith

Excursion captain Bob Holston and his wife, Pamela, were struggling to keep their business in Alaska afloat, until they...

Jonathan Butler: Jazz, Drugs and Jesus

If you love jazz, then Jonathan Butler's guitar is a familiar sound. What you may not know is that...

Cynthia's Prayer for Relief

Cynthia Azevedo thought her walking would improve after a successful hip replacement surgery four years ago. Instead, a complication...

Al Roberts

There was an eerie stillness that happened before the storm and then a deafening sound like a freight train...