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Superbook's 'Papa Jesus' Calms Kids' Typhoon Fears

Four million Filipino children were left traumatized by a monster typhoon but relief teams brought not only food and...

700 Club Interactive - January 16, 2019

Growing up amidst her family’s drug and gang activity, Grace became a drug and alcohol abuser—until an accident that...

700 Club Interactive - January 15, 2019

Jill Donovan shares how an embarrassing Oprah appearance caused her to rethink her re-gifting strategy & unexpectedly launch a...

700 Club Interactive - January 14, 2019

Rayeesa, a former Muslim recounts her journey to faith and freedom.

700 Club Interactive - January 11, 2019

Rusty was a sweet kid who turned rebel, addict, felon. Just when he thought he had lost everything, he...

700 Club Interactive - January 10, 2019

Studio 5’s Efrem Graham shares his top five entertainment stories.

700 Club Interactive - January 9, 2019

Ashley Hallford was diagnosed with stage IV cancer at 32 weeks pregnant. See how Ashley and her husband Dave...

700 Club Interactive - January 8, 2019

A man and his two loves: drugs and music. It wasn’t until he came to Christ that he learned...

700 Club Interactive - January 7, 2019

Prophet and Bishop Bill Hamon says the time has come for believers to engage in spiritual warfare against the...

This Means (Spiritual) War!

Author Bill Hamon says it’s time for believers to engage in spiritual warfare against the works of the enemy.

The 700 Club - January 4, 2019

Unleash your “Weapons of War,” as author Bill Hamon reveals how to wage spiritual warfare against the enemy. Plus,...

God’s Weapons of War

Author Bill Hamon discusses how the Church can work together to be victorious in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - January 4, 2019

A child devalued by men grows into a strong woman in Christ.

The Global Lane - January 3, 2019

Christian crackdown in China includes children videotaped & banned from church; Kurds respond to Trump’s Syria pullout; Bringing physical...

700 Club Interactive - January 3, 2019

A man suffers life-altering injuries and a failed suicide attempt. Hear how he comes to terms with God...

700 Club Interactive - January 2, 2019

After her car collides with a semi-truck, a woman is left in a coma with no hope of recovery...

700 Club Interactive - January 1, 2019

See how a boy is impaled in the face by a skewer and miraculously survives.

700 Club Interactive - December 31, 2018

Former NFL running back and Dancing With the Stars winner Rashad Jennings discusses how his faith helped him over...