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From Hardcore to Soft Serve

After struggling to find a career-path that would pay the bills, Keith found success as an adult film producer....

Miraculous Blessings - Testimony - Malaria

See powerful stories of everyday people who experienced God's Miraculous Blessings!

Miraculous Blessings - Testimony - Finance

See powerful stories of real-life people who experienced Miraculous Blessings!

Man Shares His Experience with the Power of Prayer

Thomas should have died. After a dirt bike accident nearly killed him, Thomas shares his story of the power...

A Miraculous End to a Deadly 25-Foot Fall

Doctors were skeptical that Seth would make a full recovery if he survived the trauma of his 25-foot fall....

Miracle for Boy Threatened by Death

When a 10-year-old's appendix bursts, a routine surgery yields complications. The boy’s family prays that he’ll be brought back...

Trading Toxic Ego for True Satisfaction

Chuck preferred to be feared rather than loved. He moved when he realized his “ego trip” didn’t satisfy him,...

Woman Discovers God’s Love After Dating a Serial Killer

Octavia believed God hated her because of her traumatic past. But when she was rescued from a serial killer,...

Filling the Void From an Absent Fatherc

Heather never knew her father, and the effects sent dangerous ripples through her life. After a fatal accident, Heather...

Warrior of Christ Leads a Broken Heart Home

Natasha's desire for approval led her down dangerous paths. She decided to turn her life around, and then she...

'Invincible Man' Encounters a More Powerful God

An addict and drug dealer thinks he's invincible until an attack in prison leaves him fighting for his life.

Jerusalem Prayer Summit Seeks to Unite Jewish, Arab and American Believers

Jerusalem Prayer Summit Seeks to Unite Jewish, Arab and American Believers

Suffering Woman’s Unexpected Visitor Has Eternal Impact

Janie turned to substance abuse to cope with her pain. When she thought there was no hope, a pastor's...

Wayward Artist Discovers Road Back to God

Art provided Michael with a connection to God, until alcohol stole 15 years of his life.

After Stabbing, Gang Member Rethinks Life Choice

Gilbert grew up idolizing gang members, and finally joined a gang at 16. One night he was stabbed, and...

The Global Lane - June 29, 2018

This week: Nicaragua death toll rises: Justice Kennedy retiring, his big impact on recent case; Closed testimony & lack...

Praising God for the Impossible Made Possible

Henrietta suffered from recurring pain in her shoulder from a work injury. One day a prayer on TV changed everything.

Confronting Lies to Embrace a Fuller Life

A pastor's daughter believes she'll never be enough. She battles with an eating disorder until she confronts the lie...