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The Global Lane - May 25, 2018

Mike Pompeo shakes the Middle East by promoting Iran regime change; Spies & dossiers. Who is DOJ protecting? The...

Superbook Impact Video - Bringing the Bible to Life for Kids

Superbook Impact Video - End URL

Six-Year-Old Caregiver

Gady is a little girl in Peru with a big job. She is responsible for taking care of her...

He Learned to Bully From His Parents!

Eight-year-old Yudha was a bully. He loved to tease kids and make them cry. Seeing his parents fighting at...

Military Family Fights Financial Battle

Adam and Cassie are a military couple with three kids. When the going got tough on the home front—...

Widow Treks Six Hours a Day for Water

A widow in Kenya must leave her children every day as she lugs a five-gallon container of water. Then...

She Just Wanted to Dance

he sadly watched the other girls practicing for the Spring Festival, but LiFen was forbidden to dance, or do...

'They Are Our Future and They Deserve A Voice': First Lady Launches Campaign to Help Kids

'They Are Our Future and They Deserve A Voice': First Lady Launches Campaign to Help Kids

Who Made the World?

Hongly, a smart, inquisitive kid in Cambodia, was raised in a Buddhist family. When he asked the question, “Who...

700 Club Interactive - April 11, 2018

Humbled homemaker, Erin Odom discusses how you can make staying home with your kids work on a budget.

Cultivating Grace-Filled, Natural Homemaking

Author Erin Odom shares how you can live frugally and thrive while you raise your kids at home.

700 Club Interactive - April 6, 2018

Kevin Logan was raised in an abusive home and became a transvestite and a prostitute. While visiting a Christian...

CBN NewsWatch: April 2, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, April 2 : The president is pushing back against what he calls "big drug and people...

700 Club Interactive - April 2, 2018

A mother finds “peace in chaos” while raising her son diagnosed with Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, and depression; Bethel Music’s...

CBN Global Update: March 26, 2018

Calvary Temple, India’s fastest growing church, is using the new Superbook curriculum to teach over 8,000 kids in their congregation.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - March 16, 2018


Animated Film is a Faith-Based Event for Kids

Bruce Stacey presents his new faith-based film for kids, Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies.

The 700 Club - March 15, 2018

Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Mia Robertson open up the pages of their new kids book, “Allie’s Bayou Rescue.”...