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The 700 Club - June 7, 2011

Tomasa shares her story of heartbreak living in an abusive marriage and Paula didn't realize that the sting she felt was actually a deadly spider bite. Read Transcript

He wanted me to look like a Barbie doll. I
had a breast augmentation. I was having plastic


But that's not all her husband wanted.

He told me, "You could be an exotic dancer."

True confessions from a former stripper.

Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this
edition of The 700 Club. A new Washington

Post poll is out, and guess what? George Romney
is running ahead of the sitting president


Mitt Romney.

Not George. That was his daddy.

Same family.

All right. George is my generation. Mitt is
the younger one. Mitt Romney is running ahead

of the man in the White House by a narrow
margin, but that's rather significant. And

the people in America are saying the economy
is on the wrong track. Well, some controversy.

You can imagine the ACLU is at it again. Several
high schools across America will no longer

hold their graduation ceremonies in a church
or Christian location, all because of pressures

from, you guessed it, the anti-Christian,
anti-religious union.

Well, in New Jersey, Neptune High School has
settled with the ACLU, which complained that

its graduation in a Christian camp auditorium
violates the First Amendment. Heather Sells

has the story.

For generations, Neptune's seniors have graduated
in this historic building owned by a Christian

camp. Most students can walk to the great
auditorium, and unlike any other local venue,

it seats 6,500 people. Neptune High School
has been graduating its seniors here for more

than 70 years. And as far as anyone knows,
it has never had a first amendment complaint

until now. Neptune Superintendent David Mooij
says a community member, backed by the ACLU,

complained last year that the graduation violated
the First Amendment. The complaint alleged

that Neptune endorsed religion in both its
program and venue in the program, the hymn

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" and a student-led
prayer, and a cross outside and two religious

signs inside caused the venue to be offensive.
The school district immediately agreed to

scrub the hymn and the prayer. And it recently
agreed to use banners to block the interior

signs and not light the outside cross.

I think the whole matter is about people's
rights to a point of view, people's right

to express their opinions. It's whether those
rights and whether those opinions can impact

a total community.

Bottom line, says Mooij, the school district
wanted to keep its tradition and avoid a costly

court fight.

It would have been money that would have been
spent on legal fees rather than on instructional


For many in Neptune, the tradition was the

They've been doing the ceremony there for
years, and I think they should continue that.

And the complaint about the signs?

I think it's utterly ridiculous and they need
to get a life.

The ACLU told CBN News it was declining all
requests for interviews. But in a statement,

it commended the settlement, saying it "will
allow students of all faiths and backgrounds

to enjoy their graduation ceremony without
feeling like outsiders based on religious

differences." ACLJ attorney Vincent McCarthy
helped advise the school district and says

the ACLU's claim that Neptune's ceremony would
endorse religion doesn't line up with current

case law.

If a pastor were to get up and lead a prayer
at the beginning of graduation, or if there

were to be some sort of religious service
at the same time, that would constitute endorsement.

But merely holding a graduation in a church
facility does not constitute an endorsement

of religion.

And McCarthy says watch out. He believes the
move to strike graduation ceremonies from

religious facilities is just beginning. The
end goal: drive an even bigger wedge between

church and state. It's a campaign that could
change graduation for an untold number of

students, their families, and their communities.
Reporting in Neptune, New Jersey, Heather

Sells, CBN News.

The ACLU has made it clear what their goal
is. It's to take all vestiges of religion

from the public life of America. That's what
they want to do; all vestiges of religion

whatsoever. This is a nation, as was said
in Zorach versus Clauson, whose institutions

presuppose the existence of a supreme being.
We can't deny God. God is in the charter,

the Constitution, of every single one of our
50 states容very one there is a mention of

God. And to have these atheists, a few atheists,
say, "We're offended by that," tough luck.

Tough luck. If you don't like what's being
shown on television, use your clicker and

change channels. Well, so much for that. Wendy
Griffith has the rest of our top stories from

the CBN Newsroom. Wendy.

Thanks, Pat. Well, remember the bump in the
polls President Obama received after the death

of Osama bin Laden? It's all gone. But disapproval
of his handling of the economy has reached

new highs.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Americans
put Republican presidential candidate Mitt

Romney and Mr. Obama in a virtual dead heat
in a general election. Eighty-nine percent

of Americans say the US economy is in bad
shape. Fifty-nine percent disapprove of the

president's economic policies. President Obama
says turning things around will take more

time, while Romney is calling for change.

Now, we've got a ways to go. There are going
to be bumps on the road to recovery.

He could talk a dog off a meat wagon, all
right, and yet he hasn't delivered.

High gas prices, falling home values, and
the continuing high unemployment rate have

all contributed to Americans' pessimistic
outlook on the economy. And, Pat, those were

some fighting words from Mitt Romney.

Well, I'm glad he's getting fighting, because
I think right now he's more of a place holder

for the Republicans. He's kind of like, okay,
he's the face of the Republicans. And so what

the American people are saying is a strong
Republican like Mitt Romney is the man. Some

of the other candidates don't come out quite
as well as he does, but nevertheless, he's

a very attractive person, and he's been around
for a while. But whatever it is they don't

like Obama, because Obama doesn't understand
economics. He's never run a business. Never

run a business. Never created jobs in his
life. And here is this huge economy. He doesn't

know what to do with it. And what he's done
over the last couple of years is to attack

those who create jobs. He has gone after them
over and over again, then he wonders why the

American people don't like business. I was
reading today, or yesterday I should say,

about the travails of one company with a law
known as Sarbanes-Oxley. It was a terrible

law. You can't blame Obama for it, because
it came in before him. But nevertheless, this

one company said, "It's going to cost us three
million dollars to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley

in order to make our company ready to go public."
And so the number of public, what is called

IPOs, initial public offerings, has dropped
precipitately here in America. We are killing

our entrepreneurial spirit. And it's not easy
in America. So many people say, "Well, I'd

rather list in London. I'd rather list in
Hong Kong," or some other country, and get

out before a group of investors that's not
constrained by these incredible regulations

that our government has put on them. Well,
Wendy, there's a man who says, "I'm going

to change that."

Indeed, Pat. Republican presidential candidate
Tim Pawlenty. He's offering a plan for an

overhaul of the tax system today. The plan
would change income tax rates. Households

who didn't pay income taxes last year would
see no change. Individuals would pay 10 percent

on their first 50,000 dollars of income. Couples
would pay 10 percent on their first 100,000

dollars. Everything above that would be taxed
at 25 percent. Pawlenty says he would also

cut the business tax rate from 35 to 15. The
former Minnesota governor also says that the

government should not be involved in any service
that is available privately, such as the Postal

Service or mortgages. He says America must
not just cut tax rates, but promote freedom

and free markets. What do you think, Pat?

Well, I think he's got a good point. We are
the highest taxed country in the world in

terms of business taxes. This is horrible.
When you add the federal taxes, plus state

taxes that businesses have to pay, its way
ahead of anybody else, as much as 50 percent

to 100 percent more. So where are businesses
going to locate? They're not going to locate

in America, because we're making it too hard
for them. So the median around the world is

25 percent. We've got in excess of 35 percent,
then we add state taxes, and so we're getting

up close to 50 percent on businesses. You
say, "Well, soak it to the business." No,

it's going to come out of your pocket, because
you will pay for the products they provide.

And if they're not around, then there won't
be the job that you want to put food on the

table. Wendy.

Pat, the International Monetary Fund has a
suggestion for Great Britain, "If your economy

doesn't improve, you might consider cutting
taxes." The IMF expects a moderate recover

in Britain. But the London Telegraph reports
the IMF is also concerned Britain's economy

could run into some serious problems. If that
happens, the agency says tax cuts for businesses

and individuals would be a better move than
increasing government spending.

Well, critics say a California textbook is
covering up the truth about Islam. The controversial

history books are used in a San Diego school
district, and one group says they are full

of errors about the Muslim religion. Efrem
Graham has the story.

Michael Hayutin, of the group ACT for America,
says this textbook called World History, Medieval

to Early Modern Times, teaches students a
false view of Islam. After careful analysis,

he and several colleagues say the book contains
22 errors about the meaning of jihad, polygamy,

and slavery in Islam. He wants that changed.

If the school is going to bother to teach
about Islam, they should do it as history

is, according to the facts. If they want to
romanticize it, they can put it in fairy tales.

Tesheen Lazzouni disputes Hayutin's claims,
saying he has his facts wrong.

Maybe there might be a verse talking about
war, but then failing to quote the verse right

after that that talks about peace.

She points out school administrators approved
the textbook and argues it should be left

as is.

I honestly think that they are using this
world history issue as a pretext to malign

and discredit Islam and Muslims.

Hayutin vehemently rejects claims that he
or his group are anti-Muslim.

What can I say? We aren't. They can make any
accusation that they want to make.

Meanwhile, he says teachers should instruct
students about the errors in the book. Efrem

Graham, CBN News.

The state board of education is reviewing
his analysis of the textbook.

Europe's deadly E. coli outbreak continues
to claim victims. In Germany alone, over 2,300

people have been infected by the bacteria.
But a recent report shows the number of new

cases is declining, a sign the epidemic may
have reached its peak. Nearly 650 are facing

serious kidney complications, and at least
22 people have died because of the outbreak.

Officials thought they had located the source
of the E. coli: sprouts from a German farm.

But now, they're backtracking on that theory.

Well, those long, annoying airport security
screenings could soon be replaced by iris

scans and microchips. That's the goal of the
International Air Transport Association. The

airline industry group has introduced a new
biometrics system to save passengers time.

It calls for putting a microchip in passports.
Passengers would undergo an iris scan, which

would be matched against information on that
chip, then travelers would be sent through

one of three 20-foot tunnels. They would be
subjected to different degrees of searches,

depending on the level of security risk. Airlines
want the new system in place within five years.

That's pretty ambitious, Pat.

Well, it is. And once again, it's Big Brother.
That's what we've got to, quote, "keep us


At least we're not being groped.

Well, at least. But that's electronic groping
of a major magnitude. Anyhow, ladies and gentlemen,

if you've got crazy people running around
the world trying to kill you, I suppose you

give up a certain amount of freedom. The American
people seem to overwhelmingly in favor of

that. Nevertheless, nevertheless, we must
be terribly careful about surrendering our

liberty in the name of security. Terry.

Well, up next, a former Muslim dares to marry
a Christian, against her parents' will.

I was cured from cancer. And God actually
made my parents change their mind, so that

I could marry my husband, and I could live
the Christian life that I wanted to live.

Hear how Muslims are crossing over to Christianity
in the land down under, after this.

Plus, log on to if you have a question
for Pat. Our chat room is open for business,

and we're going to "bring it online" later
in the program.

Still ahead . . . .

He wanted me to look like a Barbie doll. I
had a breast augmentation. I was having plastic


But that's not all her husband wanted.

He told me, "You could be an exotic dancer."

True confessions from a former stripper, coming
up later.

Society was telling me that, "You're beautiful.
Sex sells. Use your body. Use your face. Use

what you've got."

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Coming up tomorrow . . . .

. . . . a home invasion.

The loudest sound you could ever imagine.

A man's wife and two sons perish.

I took several rounds at the arm and the shoulder.
I took one round in the right cheek.

And his own daughter is one of the culprits.

The detectives were saying Aaron was the mastermind,
that she was the evil one. When I heard that,

I just lost it.

On tomorrow's 700 Club.

Australia, "the land down under." It's becoming
a popular destination for Muslims leaving

Asia and the Middle East. It's especially
close to Indonesia which is considered the

largest Muslim country in the world. Well
some Aussies say that their troubled about

the growing Muslim population. But many Christians
in the land down under see it as an opportunity.

Gary Lane brings us that story from Sydney.

Forty years ago you would rarely see Muslims
on the streets of Sydney or Melbourne. Only

about 20,000 lived in Australia at the time.
But that has changed in the years since. As

Muslims from neighboring Indonesia and the
Middle East have sought refuge and opportunity

down under. (Sydney, Australia): There may
be as many as half a million Muslims now residing

in Australia. When many immigrate here they'll
settle into neighborhoods that are exclusively

Islamic. They have little chance or opportunity
to hear the Gospel. But that's starting to

change. Al Hayat Television, also known as
Life TV, is an Arabic television channel broadcasting

Christian programming in Australia and other
parts of the Muslim world. It was launched

in Australia by this man, former Muslim, Michael
el Masry. He started the channel with his

own limited finances and persevered despite
fierce opposition from the Islamic community.

El Masry told CBN news Al Hayat TV Australian
airs Christian programs in a way that Muslims


It's so important for a Muslim that we expose
his religion. We love him as a man, we love

her as a woman and they are beautiful people.
But they are deceived. Yes, had many threats.

But you're not afraid anymore?

No, because the Lord protects. I believe in
a special mission like that, the Lord will

provide extra protection. He died for them.
They deserve the message of salvation. Who

is going to give them the message?

And Australian Muslims aren't only hearing
the good news on the television airwaves.

Former Muslims recently attend Christian worship
in Arabic at this church in Sydney. Ali Bazzi

has pastored here for nearly two years. The
church is called, Al-Obour which means "crossover."

Most members are Muslims who crossed over
or converted to Christianity. Some come here

secretly because they fear being discovered
by Muslim family members. Several attendees

have received death threats for leaving Islam.

Because the religion from the Koran encourages
you to harm people. Those back sliders, or

we call it in English, apostasies, they are
doing something good to the Lord if I kill

you, to Allah.

Pastor Bazzi admits he's received many death
threats since becoming a Christian. But he

says he won't stop proclaiming the Gospel.
Bazzi spent his youthful years as a radical

Muslim in Lebanon. A Muslim friend who converted
to Christianity introduced him to the Bible

and Jesus.

I like the personality of Jesus Christ. The
way they present Him from the Bible. How He

used to share with people, healed them, fed
them. I said, "Mom, I'm a new man and she

said, 'If there is a God able to change Ali,
I want to believe in Him." All my family became

Christians except my dad.

They are now serving in the Australian church.
His brother is an active leader, and his sister

leads worship. Helena, a former Muslim from
Egypt, migrated to Australia after converting

and accepting Christ. She explains why she
left her country.

The national security police were coming to
my house to take me away. They could kill

me. They could torture me. They could torture
my sister. They could do terrible things.

She also experienced the rejection of a loved
one and societal condemnation.

I felt like I lost my identity. I don't know
who I am anymore.

Helena says she was strengthened by a scripture
verse that lifted her spirits.

"Come to me who you are, weary and a heavy
burden, and I give you rest." The only way

God can reveal to me or I can receive even
His peace and joy is only through Jesus.

Former Muslim Alya came to know Christ after
she married a Christian. Her parents initially

didn't want her to marry outside the faith.
They changed their minds after Alya was healed

of lymphoma because of the prayers of Christians.

I was cured from cancer and God actually made
my parents change their mind so that I could

marry my husband and I could live the Christian
life that I wanted to live.

And despite ongoing pressure from Australia's
Islamic community, these former Muslims continue

to share their testimonies with Muslim immigrants
and others. And if you turn on your television

here, you're likely to see Al Hayat TV beaming
its way over the airwaves and into Aussi living

rooms. These former Muslims say, "God's word
will continue to penetrate hearts everywhere

and especially 租own under.'" Gary Lane,
CBN News, Sydney.

Very, very interesting Gary. Thank you for
that remarkable story.

Unbelievable. Well, up next a desperate housewife
who began moonlighting.

I didn't want to do it, and I was embarrassed,
and I didn't want to show my body. I was always

wanting to please him.

Why this young wife became a stripper when
we come back.

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Imagine, if you can, a husband pressuring
his own wife to work in a strip club. It's

shocking. But that's exactly what happened
to the woman in our next story. It shattered

her world and turned her into someone she
didn't even recognize.

I always had bruises on my cheeks, on my arms.
I felt at the time it was wrong, like how

could he do that to me? Why would he hurt
me? Why would he make me cry? But I just let

it happen. I thought that my love would change

Tomasa Gugliemi fell in love young, and she
fell hard. She was just 14 years old when

she met her high school sweetheart.

It was my first boyfriend. My first love.
He was just giving me love, giving me attention,

and that's something that that I yearned for.

By the time Tomasa was 16, she and her boyfriend
were sexually active. But that wasn't Tomasa's

only secret, she also hid her boyfriend's

He started being really, really controlling,
and "You're the only girl for me, and if I

can't have you nobody else can have you. I
thought I loved him and thought that this

is just a phase. He'll stop doing what he's
doing what's he's doing.

But he couldn't change him, and the abuse
didn't stop.

We broke up. My mom told him you're not allowed
to come over here. He was upset and one day

he just came to my house in his car, and he
came knocking at the door.

When she came outside, he kidnapped her.

He just grabbed me and threw me in the car,
and he took off crazy; and I just remember

screaming and crying and trying to get out
of the car. He held my body in and held me

by the hair and said, "You're going to die
tonight, and if I can't have you, nobody can

have you.

She managed to jump from the car and run home.
He was arrested and sent to jail.

I was glad to be done with it.

But when he got out of prison and contacted
her, Tomasa got sucked back into the relationship.

I thought maybe he had changed, and everything
was all good in the beginning. He wasn't being

abusive, and we were having fun, and he was
being perfect.

They married when Tomasa was 21, but just
one year later the abuse started again.

I just had to do whatever he said. Now it
was kind of worse, because I was his wife,

so now I really belonged to him. He wanted
me to look like a Barbie doll. I had a breast

augmentation, and I was having plastic surgeries.
He wanted me to be what he wanted, not what

I wanted.

Even with all the changes, her husband still
wasn't satisfied. He had a new request. He

wanted her to strip.

I'm thinking, "What?" I had never even been
to a strip club. I was hurt because I thought

that if you love somebody, why would you want
someone else to see their body. I was always

wanting to please him.

So she started stripping.

I was just afraid of him, and I could tell
him I didn't want to do it, and I was embarrassed,

and I don't want to show my body. I was really
scared and nervous.

She also began drinking.

I hated doing what I was doing, and the alcohol
made me not care, not think about what I was


And at home the abuse only got worse. Finally
she had had enough.

I got so freaked out that I was like, "Oh
my God, what if he accidently kills me?" I

just said I gotta get out. I gotta get out
of here.

Tomasa left her husband, and two years later
their divorce was final.

I just felt like I got married; I thought
marriage was so sacred.

Tomasa managed to hold down a regular job
for a while and did some modeling on the side

but eventually went back to stripping for
easy money.

Society was telling me that you're beautiful.
Sex sells. Use your body. Use your face. Use

what you've got.

Tomasa hated who she'd become.

I said I'm tired of this life, and I'm tired
of dancing. I hate my life. And I just cried

out to God, and I said, "Just please get me
out of this situation.

A few days later Tomasa met a young actor
named Noel at a modeling event in Vegas. The

two started a long distance relationship.
After a few weeks of talking, Noel called

her up and made a confession.

He said I've always had a struggle with God.
I really want to get my life together. I want

to be happy. I want to serve God, but I know
it's hard. I don't know if I can do it by

myself. And he said, "I'm going to a seminar.
It's a Christian seminar. Do you think that

maybe you'd want to go?

Tomasa went with Noel. She heard a woman share
her testimony of coming to Christ and leaving

her job as a stripper.

The girl came up to me, and she said God told
her to come to me and talk to me. And that's

when I knew this was God. I just remember
crying and saying this is time. I need to

give my life to God. I need to stop doing
what I'm doing. That's the day that I got

saved. After that I couldn't go back to dancing.
Since being saved I never went back to anything.

God healed me overnight.

Noel also accepted Christ as his savior during
the seminar. Just one month later, he proposed

to Tomasa. Today they are married and serving
God together.

I always felt like I was alone. I always felt
lonely; and now being saved, God said, "You

were never alone. I was always right there."
God wants to be the one to fill our cup. He

wants to be the one that we cry out to. You
know, I cried out to God and said, "Help me,

I can't do it anymore. I need a way out. Show
me." And He did. And I'm glad He did it when

He did it.

He offers you a way out. What is your prison?
Who's got you down? Is that a relationship?

Is it a marriage where you feel like a slave?
Is it a job where you are being asked to do

things that are illegal or underhanded? Is
it something like Tomasa? She was out in the

sex business. Are you doing something like
that? Whatever it is God says look, "I love

you. I love you." The God of all the universe
loves you. And you say, "But you don't understand,

Lord. You don't know what I've been doing."
And He says, "Yes I do understand. I was there

with you all the time. I saw you when you
were involved in sexual activity. I saw you

when you were stripping. I saw you when you
were drunk. I saw you when you were taking

drugs. I saw you when you were beating up
people. I saw you and I know about you, and

I love you, because you were created in my
image." Now let me ask you this. Do you want

freedom? Jesus didn't come to put you in bondage;
He came to set you free. Freedom. Him the

Son sets free shall be free indeed. He's going
to set you free today. What I want you to

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to pray this prayer I'm going to lead you
in. I want you to say these words but I'd

like you to mean them in your heart. Right
now say these words and mean them, "Lord Jesus

Christ." That's right, pray with me. "Lord
Jesus Christ, you know the things that I've

done that are wrong. You were there when it
happened. There's nothing that I can hide

from you because You know everything. And
so I come to you, and I expose before you

all the sin in my life. And I say, "Lord,
please forgive me. Please forgive me as I

turn away from sin. I'm going to turn from
that life, and I'm going to turn to You. So

Lord Jesus right now, I take you as my Savior
and I make you Lord of my life. From this

moment on I am yours and thank You that You
are mine." Thank you." Now for those who prayed

that prayer with me just now, I want you to
do something. I want you to get started.

You say, "Well I've prayed a prayer." Yes,
you have but that's the start. That's the

beginning. But you need to know what do you
do next? What happens next? Well, I have a

CD, it's called "A New Day" . . . .

. . . . 73 minutes of concentrated teaching
on what just happened to you, what it means

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means in case you sin, how you repent. And

what about the Second Coming? What about the
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Plus a little booklet, called "A New Day."
It's got all the Scriptures that are taken

from that teaching. We'll send it to you free.
All you have to do is pick up the phone. It's

not a penny of expense in any of it except
just calling. It's a toll-free number. Call

and say, "I prayed with Pat; I gave my heart
to Jesus." And the angels of Heaven are rejoicing,

because you have come to the Lord. Go to your
phones right now please and say, "I just prayed

with Pat." If the lines are busy, be patient
and call back. There's somebody here who loves

you. 1-800-759-0700. Terry.

Coming up later a woman is bitten by one of
the deadliest spiders in the world.

She went into multi-organ failure, heart failure,
lung failure, kidney failure. And several

times the family was called in thinking that
she wouldn't make it through.

See how she recovered after being told she
had only one night to live.

You're just thinking about one thing, the
money and your selfish means and what you

want. And when you're' at that place, you're
at a dangerous place. When I should have been

killed in the streets, He didn't allow it
to happen. He showed me mercy even when I

didn't deserve it. When I realized how much
God loved me, that compelled me to love Him

back. It compelled me to love Him back.

My name is Roger Stump, and I'm a cancer survivor.
The surgeon said it's inoperable. "It's already

in your liver." My wife, Brenda, sat there
and cried; and I'm thinking, "I can't die

right now. I'm only 52 years old." I was so
distraught. I've heard Cancer Treatment Centers

of America have experience with pancreatic
cancers. It was like night and day. The hospital

just breeds an environment of hope. You get
a CT scan, and the next morning the results

were read to you. We'd go up there; I just
knew it was going to be a good result. You

could just see the joy on Dr. Granik's face.

Call now and we'll show you how the most compassionate
people anywhere put you at the center of everything

we do. Together, we'll explore real treatment
options you may not even know exist.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is
such a different place, because they give

you hope. I would strongly urge you to call
them and get a second opinion.

Please call today.

Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak.
President Obama says this will be a summer

of transition for the U.S. in Afghanistan.
The President plans to begin withdrawing troops

in the next few months. He says that it's
time for the Afghans to be responsible for

their own security. But both general David
Petraeus and outgoing Defense Secretary Bob

Gates urged caution. They say that any gains
in Afghanistan are fragile. The US has roughly

100,000 troops in Afghanistan right now. That's
three times as many as when Obama took office.

A Florida homeowner has foreclosed on Bank
of America. Five months ago the North Carolina-based

Bank of America filed foreclosure papers on
the home of a couple that already paid for

their home in full with cash. They never even
had a mortgage payment. After a court hearing

Bank of America was ordered to pay couples
legal fees. The money never came, so the couple's

attorney seized the bank's assets. Desks,
computers, copiers, filing cabinets, and the

cash in all the tellers' drawers were removed
from the bank. After being locked down for

an hour, the bank manager wrote a check for
the homeowner's legal fees. You can always

get the latest from CBN news by going to our
website at CBN

Pat and Terry will be back with more of The
700 Club right after this.

What makes the miracles of Jesus even more
miraculous? Standing where they happened,

in Israel. Come visit Capernaum where Jesus
restored a paralytic's helpless legs. Sail

the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the
water. Stroll through the Garden of Gethsemane

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more about standing where it all happened

in Israel, visit Come visit

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Lifestyle Lift today.

Coming up tomorrow, a home invasion.

The loudest sound you could ever imagine.

A man's wife and two sons perish.

I took several rounds at the arm and the shoulder.
I took one round in the right cheek.

And his own daughter is one of the culprits.

The detectives were saying Aaron was the mastermind,
that she was the evil one. When I heard that,

I just lost it.

On tomorrow's 700 Club.

Well, the brown recluse spider is tiny, less
than an inch long. But it packs a lethal punch.

Just ask Paula Murph. Five years ago she was
bitten by one.

But I had extreme pains in my leg and in the
open wounds. The open wounds were absolutely


Elementary school teacher Paula Murph's pain
came after she was bitten by one of the deadliest

spiders in the U.S., and she didn't even realize

It was an October day, warm weather. We were
on the playground. I was sitting at the table

and noticed there was an ant bed. But they
had already gotten on my feet, so I had shrugged

them off. And after recess went back in the
classroom and noticed that one area bothered

me more.

She thought it was just an ant bite until
it got worse.

With the red ant bite, it's a sting and then
it itches. This was a sting and then a throb.

And it got worse.

After several days she went to the doctor
who determined it wasn't a bite from a red

ant but from the deadly brown recluse spider.
Her doctor started her on antibiotics, but

the wound kept getting worse. The brown recluse
spider is one of two spiders in the U.S. capable

of killing a person. The other is the female
black widow. When treated immediately with

antibiotics, most have no problems. But Paula
had waited, and the venom was killing her

soft tissue and spreading through her body.
Her doctor sent her to a surgeon.

They go in and they put you in the operating
room. They cut away the deteriorating skin.

She went through months of antibiotics and
treatments where doctors performed skin grafts

over the wound site. It seemed as if Paula
was getting better.

I had a good period of time there, about six
months, but then when it hit, it hit with

a vengeance.

A latent infection attacked her body. It damaged
her heart, and ultimately she had her aortic

valve replaced. But then her organs began
to shut down, and she was put in an induced

coma. Her family doctor closely monitored
Paula's case.

She went into multi-organ failure, heart failure,
lung failure, kidney failure; and several

times the family was called in thinking that
she wouldn't make it through.

But all through the ordeal, Paula's family
spread the word for people to pray. People

all over the world joined her family and friends
in prayer. Her sister, Carolyn, sent out specifics

prayer requests.

I would pray and send out the prayer requests
on a specific need, and then I'd go back the

next day to visit her and it would be met.
So really the needs were met daily.

The prayers really started flying. And there
was a lot going on in my room. They were allowing

people to come in and see me and prayers going
for me and people touching me, and loving

me, and praying for me.

Her sister called the 700 Club for help.

I remember calling the CBN prayer line. And
a counselor was so gracious and she prayed

with me. And she prayed for my sister and
her needs, and it meant a lot to me that day.

Then one night the family was called in to
pay their last respects, but to everyone's

amazement, Paula pulled through.

And when I went back the next day, first thing
the nurse said to me was, "I believe Mrs.

Murph is only here today because of prayer."
And I said, "Absolutely right."

I woke up the next morning, and my sister
was there, my husband was there, my son was

there, and my daughter had gotten in. I said,
"Well, this has been a ride, but, hey, I'm

not hurting. Something's going on."

You don't see that very often when somebody's
that close to dying and comes back around.

It was just truly a miracle I think."

It was like miraculous turnaround. In a span
of maybe 18 hours, Mom had taken a complete

turn for the better. And that's when I got
a taste of how powerful prayer was.

Today Paula loves spending time with her family
and telling others how God healed her.

God is in the miracle business still, no matter
how big, no matter how small. And I learned

how to be still and know that He is God.

You know, we like to say around here that
you're never too dead for a resurrection.

God is available for you and your needs today.
What an amazing story! On the brink of what

we would see as hopeless, and death being
the obvious, and God said, "No, I've got another


That's right. Death is not the worst thing
in the world. If you know Jesus, it takes

you into paradise, so that's not the worst
thing. But God had more for that lady to do.

Her time on earth was not over.

I have an answer to prayer here. This is Lisa.
She lives in Brooklyn, New York. She dealt

with leg pain that extended all the way from
her hip to her ankle. She had that for a year.

The entire area was swollen. The condition
affected her walking. She was diagnosed with

a torn meniscus in her right knee, and the
doctor wanted her to have surgery. Then on

March 24th of this year, she was watching
this program and Pat, you said, "Touch your

knee, it's been hurting. Right now the meniscus
is being healed in Jesus' name." So Lisa did

that. She claimed the healing for herself.
When she woke up the next morning. there was

no more swelling; and the pain was completely
gone after a year of that kind of pain.

I didn't know about Lisa or her meniscus,
but God knew about it. This came to us from

Fort Collins, Colorado. There's a Roger, traveling
the rodeo in the 1950s. When he was 19, he

was thrown from a horse and injured his vertebrae.
Later he took two more damaging falls, and

by the time he was in his 30s, he had compression
fractures and several chipped vertebrae that

caused constant pain. Last April, Roger heard
Terry give the word, "You have a tremendous

problem with your lower spine. It's painful.
God is touching and healing you right now."

Roger said, "That's me." He took it, and he's
had no more pain. I would counsel people rodeoing

is not the way to go.

Now, you've been thrown off your horse a time
or two, I have to say.

Yes, but not a bucking bronco.

Well, that's true.

Yes, I've been thrown a couple of times, but
the Lord spared me. Gracious. Gracious. Let's

pray together. Whatever your need is, folks,
there is nothing, nothing impossible with

God. He loves you. He knows you. He created
you, and He can fix you. "Lord, we join together.

Oh, God, oh, God, people suffer right now.
There are people in this audience who are

hurting right now." There is somebody who
has an inflamed liver. You're having terrific

problems. Your liver just needs to be rested,
and God is healing it right now. And whatever

it is you're assaulting that liver with, stop.

There's a woman, you've been praying for a
long time about someone. You've come to the

end of your rope, and God is speaking to you
today. Your name is Sandra, and He wants you

to know He knows you. He's heard your prayers,
and He is at work in that situation. Trust

Him. Then there's somebody else. You've suffered
from Tourette's syndrome for many years and

been embarrassed by that many times. God is
touching you right now and healing that. You're

just going to feel this sort of warm relaxation
come over your body and not have those urges


There is a woman named Laura. She's a widow.
She's getting foreclosed on her house. She

doesn't know what to do, and she's calling
out to the Lord. And God Almighty right now,

Laura, He has heard your prayer. And you're
going to receive an answer. You're going to

have a miraculous deliverance from the problem
at hand. God is going to give you a way out.

Someone else, you've got polyps in your throat,
and God is healing that condition for you.

You're going to clear your throat. It's going
to be gone, in Jesus' name.

Somebody else with a lung condition, congestion.
The Lord is setting you free. Just put your

hand on your lungs in the name of Jesus. On
your chest, I should say. And just cough.

In Jesus' name, be healed. Now, all over this
audience people are crying out for finances.

They're crying for their marriages. They're
calling about their parents or their children.

Lord, you know the needs, and you've heard
the cry of the people. Meet their needs, Lord,

we pray. Do a miracle. Touch, in Jesus' name.


Wherever you are, give us a call. Tell us
what the Lord has done for you, and we are

just going to rejoice with you. We love to
hear from you. Now, Terry.

Now, still ahead, it's your questions from
our chat room. Tammy wants to know, "Is it

wrong to drink a glass of beer or wine socially?"
Well, we'll tackle Tammy's question and more,

right after this.

Too often, we carry baggage from our past.
You know what it's like. It affects everything

and everyone in our lives. It's always there,
weighing us down and keeping us from achieving

true happiness. But do you know God never
meant for us to be trapped in the past? You

can be free of your baggage. Learn how God's
forgiveness leads to changed lives and new

beginnings. Call the 700 Club.

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As an engineer, Randy Schum had a good salary,
but after he was laid off, Randy's bills began

to pile up. Then he got resourceful and ended
up making even more money. How did he do it?

Here's how.

Randy Schum knows what it's like to be unemployed.
During the recession, he was laid off from

his job as an engineer.

We had a mortgage to pay. We had food to buy.
There was a number of bills that we had, and

we weren't sure where we were going to get
the money.

Even though money was tight, Randy and Ruth
never stopped giving.

We did our cuts and did whatever we had to
do to be able to pay the bills.

We realized God is faithful. He has seen us
through before. And so we just trusted Him,

and every time we had the money to pay all
our bills.

So when Randy was laid off, the workload from
his side business in calligraphy doubled.

Before long, he was making more money doing
that than he would have as an engineer.

So that money that I received from performing
the calligraphy for my client was able to

get us through that time of unemployment.

The Schums believe God has been faithful to
provide, because they've been faithful to


The Lord has done so much for me. I want to
give back to other people, because that's

what He wants us to do.

Randy retired in June of 2010 and is now working
his calligraphy business full time.

You can't afford not to give. But once you
step out in faith and give, you'll see God's

faithfulness in your life. I guarantee it.

Step out, and you'll see His faithfulness.

And folks, if you want to try an adventure,
the adventure we're proposing is 65 cents

a day. That's not very adventuresome, but
you put it all together, it's 20 dollars a

month. And if you make that commitment, that's
240 dollars. And it's added to the people

all around the world. And it doesn't take
many. Let's assume that a million people do

that. That's 240 million dollars. That's a
lot of money. So little by little, you say,

"Well, what does my 65 cents do?" That's what
it does. And for those who join our 700 Club,

this is a fabulous, fabulous DVD.

It's called Life Beyond the Grave. It is the
stories of people who died, went to Heaven,

some went to Hell, and came back to tell us
about it. Very moving. And we'll give this

to you free, so please call. I say we'll give
it to you as you join the 700 Club. All right,

let's get some questions.

We should say also, for 700 Club Gold membership,
40 dollars a month, you get three copies of

that; 1000 Club members get five. I'm giving
one to every one of my children. I said, "You

need to watch this. You need to hear what
people who have had an experience have to


Tell them more than anything, as somebody
said, "A man with an experience is never at

the mercy of somebody with an argument." People
say, "Well, I don't believe in Hell." Well,

okay, watch this. All right. Questions.

Okay, we've got some questions for you. This
is Tammy, who says, "Is it wrong to drink

a glass of beer or wine socially?"

Tammy, I don't see anything wrong with a social
glass of wine or a glass of beer. But the

question is in your heart do you feel convicted?
And the Bible says whatever is not of faith

is sin. So the other thing is your example.
You're a Christian. So you take one glass

of wine, and people at the table around you
know you're a Christian. So you're having

one glass, but they're going to drink a bottle.
And so through your freedom, you can result

in the downfall of somebody else. So it is
their lack of faith that restricts you. That

restricts your freedom. But beyond that, Jesus
Christ, people don't agree, but it's true

He changed water into wine, the real stuff,
at a wedding.

The real deal.

The real deal. Yes. All right.

Okay, this is Evelio, who says, "I was watching
a report on TV about bees. A man said that

a bee sting can be good for you. I didn't
understand. Then last night, the Lord told

me, 羨sk Pat Robertson.' So, Pat, how can
a bee sting be good for you?"

Well, it sets up within your body a certain
response that would be beneficial for something

like arthritis.

They actually use bee stings for that, don't

Oh, sure they do. Well, they do, because it
sets up in your body an immune response to

that bee sting, and the immune response is
good for healing certain diseases, especially

arthritis. But I wouldn't just go out and
get yourself stung, because you can get problems,

especially if you get what's called "anaphylactic
shock," and it can be very painful. Just one

bee sting, if you're wrong.

If you have a problem with it, one bee sting
can kill you.

But bee stings, that's what's good. That's
what it does. It builds up in your body a

reaction, an immunity that works especially
on arthritis. All right, what else?

Okay, this is Shannon, who says, "There is
a man running for mayor in my town. I like

his policies; however, he is a committed atheist.
Would it be wrong for me to vote for him?"

You use the term "committed." That means he's
an open advocate of atheism, and I don't think

you want somebody in charge of your city who
openly advocates atheism. So somebody else

might disagree, but if that's your feeling,
if you know that's he stands for and he's

a committed, active atheist, then he will
be doing everything he can to promote atheistic

policies in your city government, not a good

And the day we live in, as we've seen in the
news today, sometimes taking away the freedoms

of others.

Thomas Jefferson. Remember. You write this
down. Thomas Jefferson said, "I would not

have an atheist in my cabinet, because they
don't honor oaths to God." And that was Jefferson,

the Declaration of Independence, not Pat Robertson.
Jefferson. Okay. Go on.

Okay, this is not Pat Robertson, but Pat,
who says, "My daughter married a guy who can't

hold a job. He would rather play on his computer
all day instead of working. They have only

been married for one year. My daughter is
getting frustrated. Does she have a right

to leave him?"

From the Bible's standpoint, no. I don't see
that as a ground. But it's going to be terribly

painful. I don't know what to do, unless you
play the role of "constructive desertion,"

but I don't think he's deserted her. I hate
to say, folks, you make the decision. Nobody

forced you to get married. Nobody forces you
to get married to somebody. And you ought

to take your time. What else?

That's all the time we've got for today, speaking
of taking your time. But we'll do some more


Well, tomorrow, how the power of forgiveness
can help heal cancer and other diseases. The

power of forgiveness. And we leave you today
with these words from I Peter 5:7 . . . .

. . . . "Give all your worries and cares to
God, for He cares about you." Well, that's

all the time we've got. Remember, the telephones
are available all day long, 1-800-759-0700

for your prayer requests, people who have
accepted the Lord. Whatever we can do for

you, we're there for you. So we look forward
to seeing you tomorrow. Bye, bye.

Coming up tomorrow, a home invasion.

The loudest sound you could ever imagine.

A man's wife and two sons perish.

I took several rounds at the arm and the shoulder.
I took one round in the right cheek.

And his own daughter is one of the culprits.

The detectives were saying Aaron was the mastermind.
That she was the evil one. When I heard that

I just lost it.

On tomorrow's 700 Club.

Here at CBN, we see amazing things happen
when we stand together.

That's why we want to say thank you to the
thousands of you . . . .

. . . . who recently pledged to join the 700

Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring
crucial help to those who need it most.

You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . .

. . . . and preach the Gospel across America
and throughout the world.

You've brought health and hope to people in
desperate need.

And changed their lives forever.

Chen Xiu couldn't hear or speak. His parents
were too poor to afford the speech therapy

he needed. His mother prayed that God would
help her little boy. That's when you were

the answer to her prayers and provided Chen
Xiu with the therapy he needed. You took them

out of a silent prison and gave him hope for
the future.

So please watch for this mailing and send
in your pledge. This year millions will know

. . . .

The love and saving power of Jesus Christ.

And that only happens, because you were there.


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