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Christmas According to Kids

What does Christmas mean to children? We decided to ask a few of them and find out. Read Transcript

Caesar Augustus wanted to count how many

people had to pay taxes.

Joseph and Mary figured out that Mary was pregnant and--

--they had to take a trip where the choice of parents

live and then--

--they went to Bethlehem.

Mary and Joseph were running around town looking for a

place to stay.

And there was no room for them.

And then the inn keeper said--

I have no room but I have a stable for you.

And they had to stay in a stable.

Jesus was born in a manger.

I think the stable was stinky.

There was animals.

Lots of animals.

And every animal pooped.

There were shepherds out in the field.

And then the angel came.

He said--

Don't be afraid.

I bring you good news.

A savior has been born to you.

He is Christ the Lord.

There was a big star shining--

--on top of the stable where Jesus was born.

So they decided to follow it and they knew something, where

it was shining there was something special.

The wise men came--

--because they saw the sheep come to the stable.

They see baby Jesus.

The star led them to the east to find the baby.

They bringed gifts.

Because it was Jesus' birthday and

birthdays you get presents.


What are the other two?



--and myrrh and--

Kings usually weren't born in stables.

They were usually born in castles and stuff.

Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

Happy birthday baby Jesus.


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