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Restoration after the Storm

Burt and Jeanne, both in their 80s, loved their cozy home in Breezy Point, New York. But Hurricane Sandy ruined everything, leaving them wondering how they could ever put their life back together. CBN’s Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Team ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Bert and Jean Metz tried

to salvage what little they could after Hurricane Sandy

ripped through their home in Breezy Point New York.

But here, it come up to there.

NARRATOR: They were also in the middle

of adding a room to their small house when the storm hit.

The plasterboard, the flooring warped.

An area rotted out.

There was nothing that was left in there.

Everything was thrown out.


NARRATOR: The Metz's, both in their 80's, spent

their savings on the addition and couldn't

afford the costly repairs to their home.

Jody Gettys of Operation Blessing

remembers meeting the family.

When we met Jean and Bert, we knew

this was a family and a couple that we needed to help.

So, when we saw everything they went through

and the inspiration they are to their entire community,

it was the inspiration to us.

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing volunteers worked tirelessly.

The Metz's thought they were just gutting their house,

but when the couple came home three weeks later,

they were in for a big surprise.

Jody, it's so gorgeous.

When she opened the doors and we saw the rest of the house,

it was almost more than your heart could take.

I mean, you just didn't know how to deal with it emotionally

in great fullness and appreciation to all the people

that did the work.

When I walked in this afternoon,

I really didn't believe that it was my house.

Whoa, it's beautiful.

You wonder where it all came from,

and who would do such a thing.


Really unbelievable.

NARRATOR: With your support, Operation Blessing

will continue helping people like the Metz's

around the world, in times of disaster.

Anybody that has donated to Operation Blessing,

or can continue to donate to make people's lives

feel more blessed, how wonderful.

And how wonderful that all these volunteers do the work

gratis, and have a smile on their face

and the love in their heart.


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