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Helping the Home Front Helps Dream Come True for Disabled Veteran

Severely injured while serving in Iraq, Marine Brandon Burns miraculously recovered and is now able to work part-time. CBN’s Helping the Home Front stepped in to help the family move closer to his new job and ministry. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Beginning in 2003, the world's eyes

were glued to the invasion of Iraq.

Marine Corps machine gunner Brandon Burns

had a front-row seat in the battle of Fallujah,

which almost cost him his life.

I was shot.


The bullet went into my brain and went out my head.

I was medevacked from Fallujah to Baghdad.

I died five times.

NARRATOR: Doctors told Brandon he'd never walk or talk.

He couldn't cope with that news.

I wanted to give up.

NARRATOR: However, after four years of physical therapy,

this Marine can walk and talk.

During PT, he met and married Laura.

Brandon doesn't let his partial paralysis prevent him

from taking care of his family.

I wouldn't have come this far unless God

has given me the strength.

NARRATOR: Brandon's injuries prevent him

from working full-time.

He wanted to work part-time, though,

for a church planting ministry near Quantico Marine Base.

The problem?

Quantico is in Virginia, and the Burns lived in Memphis.

The family started packing anyway,

trusting God for moving money they didn't have.

I wasn't worrying about the finances

because the Lord has always provided.

We had full faith that this is all going to come together.

NARRATOR: Back in Virginia, Pillar Church pastor Colby

Garmin knew that coming up with the funds to move the family

would be tough.

As excited as we are to integrate them

into the ministry life, we recognize

it takes partners-- partners like CBN.

NARRATOR: Pastor Garmin asked CBN's "Helping the Home

Front" to relocate the Burns.

While the Burns were packing up their home,

they had a surprise visitor.


How are you?


COLBY GARMIN: Good to see you, man.

Were you expecting me today?



NARRATOR: Pastor Garmin told the couple

that "Helping the Home Front" would pay for their move.

Thank you!

Thank you.

NARRATOR: And he had even bigger news.

We're going to pay for your first month's

rent in the new home that you guys are

going to be moving into.

Thank you.

That is awesome!

You think that will help you guys out?


NARRATOR: The Burns settled into their new home in Virginia

and are now living their dream, sharing the Gospel.

COLBY GARMIN: We're so thankful for "Helping the Home Front,"

because they've looked at a guy like Brandon and said,

we want to be a part of that.

We want to help a guy like that be

able to pursue the dreams that God's put in his heart.

I cannot say thank you enough.

Come here.


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