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She Had Already Lost Two Children—Would She Lose Two More?

Mrs. Tang knew she could never afford lifesaving heart surgery for her two children. Find out who heard this mother’s desperate cries. Read Transcript


After the death of two children and several miscarriages,

the Tangs finally had the family they'd always hoped for.


We had two children who loved each other.


At night, when they were sleeping,

I would hold their little hands and feet.

Then Shawn got very sick.

His big sister remembers.


His face turned red.

All he did was cry, and he will not eat anything.

A doctor said that the Tangs' son had a hole in his heart.

And soon after, they found out their daughter, Fang, did, too.

My children will always wake and on drips and antibiotics.

I was tortured every day with thoughts

that I would lose the children like we had lost our others.

I would wake up in a cold sweat and run

to see if Shawn and Fang were OK.

As the years passed, things only got worse.

The children needed heart surgery.

But with the income the Tangs make from farming,

it would take 20 years to save for two surgeries.


Neither of them had the strength to play outside.

Fang could not even climb stairs.

But she never gave up hope.


My sister always cheered me up and said that we would be fine

and there was no need to worry about our disease.

I hope that one day we would be able to go outside and explore

the world.

It seemed like wishful thinking until someone introduced

the Tangs to CBN, and we said we would

help provide heart surgery for both of their children.

I had never heard of complete strangers

giving their money to help people like us,

and you helped us so fast and used

the best hospital possible.

Since their surgeries, Shawn and Fang

have made remarkable recoveries.

I'm so happy.

All I want to do is pick flowers.

We are not tired anymore.

I am completely cured, and so is Shawn.


You can see how big and strong I am!

You saved my whole family from the shadow of death.



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