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Help in Climbing the Ladder of Success

Scott was able to move from one position to another, always increasing his salary and level of employment. He had help in growing his career. Find out what Scott did and if it will work for you. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Scott Horwitz and his daughter Erin love Florida

State football.

A career salesman, Scott had been planning for years

to pay for Erin's college.

Then in 2007, he got laid off.

By then he was divorced and had nothing to fall back on.

SCOTT HORWITZ: My unemployment wasn't even paying my bills.

I was going through my 401(k).

I basically had no savings left, because I had to pay my bills.

NARRATOR: Scott, who had recently become a Christian,

was frustrated.

Then one day a friend from church

explained how God takes care of us when we tithe.

Scott was skeptical, but felt like he had nothing to lose.

SCOTT HORWITZ: I was like all right.

I already can't pay my bills on this a little bit

of money I'm getting anyway, I might as well see.

So OK, God, I'm going to test you in this.

Let's see what you can do.

And within a couple of weeks, I get a check in the mail

from the company that had laid me off.

And I get a check for about $2,000, $2,500 in the mail,

and it came at a time when I really, really needed it.

NARRATOR: Then just months later, Scott landed a job.

As his income rose, so did his giving.

And he started to climb out of this financial hole.

SCOTT HORWITZ: The more you'll go out there and take

that leap of faith and the more that He does for you,

the more trust you begin to build

and the more your faith builds up.

The more your faith builds up, the more He does for you.

It's really unbelievable.

NARRATOR: He says his faith was tested again

when his company downsized and he lost his job.

This time, he was ready.

Not only did he tithe off his unemployment check,

he gave more than that when he became a CBN partner.

SCOTT HORWITZ: Now my faith has been energized.

Now I'm not stressed as much as I was that first time around.

And I knew that He'd take care of me again.

NARRATOR: It wasn't long before he landed another job

with a bigger salary.

SCOTT HORWITZ: The more I put my faith in Him,

He keeps taking me a step above and a step above

and a step above.

It's been an amazing ride.

NARRATOR: Scott has since paid off his debt

and is building up his savings and retirement.

Plus, his daughter Erin was awarded a college scholarship

for two years.

Now Scott has the time and means to save up

for the rest of her education.

SCOTT HORWITZ: It's a God thing.

It's nothing I did.

It's just amazing what He'll do if you'll let Him.

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