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God Cares for Every Hair on Your Head

Liz tried to solve her itchy scalp problem with shampoos, but couldn’t find relief. When a visit to the doctor revealed she had a much more serious problem, she tuned in to The 700 Club to hear a prayer spoken just for her. Read Transcript

The frustration and discomfort was horrid.

I didn't know what to do.

And I finally went to a dermatologist

and they told me there really wasn't anything

they could do for my scalp, that I probably

had hundreds of these little cysts all over my head.

Never any relief.


This must have gone on for a good year.

I was resigned to the fact that I would just live with this,

and that's how it would be.

On this particular day, when I was watching the 700 Club,

there was a Word of Knowledge.

Someone else with a skin problem.

I think it's psoriasis and it's primarily in your scalp.

Put your hand on top of your head

and you will feel a warmth.

And I felt this warmth.

God is healing you.

He's restoring all your enzymes.

No more itching, no more flaking, no more sores.

In Jesus' name, be healed now.

And I immediately jumped up and said, that's me.

Thank you Lord.

And it was gone from that instant.

And I couldn't feel the little lumps anymore.

To me it was a miracle.

Only God could have done it.

I was so grateful.

"Grateful" isn't even the word.

I mean, you would have to experience something

like that to know how it feels, and then

for it to be gone instantly.

And only by the grace of God did that happen.


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