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Orphan’s Promise Rebuilds Woman’s War-Torn Home

This single mother and her two children escaped a rebel siege, but returned to find their home destroyed. See how you came to the aid of this brave family. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Last year the city of Slovyansk

became one of the first rebel strongholds

in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, I known what war is.

It's when people kill other people.

NARRATOR: Three months later the rebels were routed.

But the scorched earth they left behind

was a chilling reminder of their fierce determination

to conquer Ukraine.

The residents of Slovyansk are fiercely determined,

to rebuild their shattered city and their lives.

ERA: It is still damp and wet in the house,

in spite of all my efforts.

NARRATOR: Era, a single mother of two children,

escaped the siege, but returned to find her home uninhabitable.

She sought help to rebuild, but no one responded.

So Era tried to make the repairs herself.

ERA: When it rains, water comes into the ceiling and lands

on our heads.

This is why I cover myself and the children with the oil

cloths so we can sleep.

We don't like to stay under the oil cloths.

It is difficult to breathe and not pleasant.

NARRATOR: Ukranian winters are severe.

And Era's one small heater was broken.

She knew the moldy, damp house and the bitter cold

could sicken her children.

ERA: I just hope that somebody will help us.

But it is more and more difficult to believe

this with each passing day.

NARRATOR: When a team from CBN's Orphans Promise

surveyed the damage in Slovyansk and saw

the condition of Era's home, we immediately agreed to help.

Volunteers from a local church joined the effort.

And just two weeks later, this brave single mother

and her children returned to a warm, cozy home.

It is not cold because it has windows and a new roof.

We feel warm now, and won't get sick.

And our mother won't have to cower us with the oil cloths


NARRATOR: To keep the children entertained

during the long winter, we gave them the new super book


This good, and I rejoice after watching it.

ERA: Thank you for fixing our house

and giving us a new heater.

I could never have done this alone.

It is cold outside, but it is warm in our house.

Thank you very much.


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