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Miracle Ends Painful Sleepless Nights

Karen didn’t want to rely on pain medicine to ease her aching neck and shoulder. When she began to pray for relief, a miracle happened. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: At 81 years young, Karen Sanders

doesn't let many things slow her down.

But in March of 2013, Karen came home after a long walk

and noticed something wrong with her arm.

Pain went right down my arm.

I said maybe I was having a heart attack.

NARRATOR: Fortunately it wasn't but the pain didn't go away.

It hindered me from my daily chores, you know.

I couldn't hardly lift my right arm or turn my neck.

And it was getting worst so I took a pain pill.

And then I took another one and that eased it off, maybe,

about a half a day.

I said, hey, this has gone far enough so that's

when I started talking to the Lord about it,

praying about it.

NARRATOR: About a month later, Karen

was watching "The 700 Club" as she did most mornings.

The hosts, Pat and Terry, were praying for viewers.

Pat was on TV and he started telling me

about that there's a lady out there in the audience that's

having such pain in her shoulder and her neck.

I said, hey, that's for me.

Pat said to put your hand on your neck and your shoulder.

I did.

Someone has a neck muscle.

It's very sore.

Put your hand on it right now, the Lord just heals.

You feel it, it's just like an intense pain.

It's so painful to touch.

Touch it in the name of Jesus.

And that's when the Holy Spirit came down over me.

I had a warm sensation in my shoulder and in my neck,

and I said that's it, I'm healed.

And I cried and I raised my hands up like that,

praising him, you know.

Tears are rolling down my eyes and, you know,

I couldn't get over it.

I slept like a newborn baby that night.

NARRATOR: Karen still likes taking walks around

her retirement community and playing board games

with friends.

She also attends weekly Bible studies

and loves telling people about the healing power of Jesus.

When he heals somebody, the pain never comes back.

And that's never came back, not even once.

If there's something comes in your life, take it to Jesus

and he'll take care of it.

And you leave it at the feet of Jesus

and don't go back and pick it up.

Let him carry everything for you.

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