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Fire Ignited Her Faith

Naw Nay is a 23-year-old Bible student in Thailand who desires to bring the Gospel to her native Myanmar. A fire destroyed her dormitory and all of her possessions, including the Bible her parents gave her. Then something happened to renew her ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Tucked along the border between Thailand

and Burma, also called Myanmar, lies a refugee camp.

Inside, a missionary Bible school

is training students to share the gospel in some of the most

Buddhist countries on Earth.

This is Nanay, she's been attending

the school for about a year.

I want to become a missionary and share this good news

with my countrymen back in Myanmar.

NARRATOR: For years, students have lived

in a dormitory inside the camp.

That is, until a fire destroyed it.

And nearly everything they own

I had never seen a fire like that before.

I cried so hard my hands were shaking.

Everything in our dormitory turned to ashes.

My clothes, my books, my Bible from my parents was gone.

NARRATOR: For months the students

were forced to sleep at a clearing near the river.

We lay down on banana leaves and also used them

as a blanket.

NARRATOR: At first a CBN disaster relief team

came with food, blankets, medicine, and clothing.

NANAY: Every day I help bring food to the older folks.

I encourage them to ask God for help

and to remember that we are in his hands.

NARRATOR: In the weeks that followed,

we built a new dormitory for the Bible students.

Today, Nanay has a safe place to live

as she continues her training to be a missionary.

We had one other small gift for her,

a new Bible to replace the one that had burned in the fire.

This is such a precious gift from CBN.

It's so important to me because it is a lamp to my feet.

I'm very, very happy.

NARRATOR: In the new prayer room, inside the dormitory,

something else is happening.

Twice a month, we join together for a 24 hour prayer meeting.

We always pray for CBN and CBN partners.

Thank you for being God's hands to help us.


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