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Can a Cartoon Change Eternity?

Gracie has been watching CBN’s Superbook since 2009. Hear this 10-year- old describe how these animated Bible adventures have changed her life! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In 2009, the CBN animated series, "Superbook,"

was re-released with a new look and fresh new storylines.

And Gracie Smith was one of the first to see it.

Her aunt, Audra Haney, is a producer for the 700 Club

and was assigned to cover the premier in Dallas, Texas.

I knew that my niece Gracie, who was four at the time,

just had to be there to share that with me.

In the middle of the movie I saw

how brave he was-- David was.

And I learned to always be faithful and brave.

NARRATOR: After their premier, both Gracie and Audra

were "Superbook" fans.

I was really impressed with the quality of the animation,

but also just the integrity in which they were

sharing these Bible stories.

But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hope!

"Superbook" takes someone fun adventures and they take them

in the past, like the battle of the walls of Jericho.

And they watch Jesus and miracles, walking on water.

Audra eventually joined this "Superbook" club

so she could keep sharing the Bible stories with Gracie.

"Superbook" club is amazing for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, I get a new, updated "Superbook" every time

they make one.

Second of all, I get three copies.

So not only have been sending them to Gracie,

but as our family has grown throughout the years,

I've been able to send one to my younger brother's children.

And I've also saved them for my own children.

She sends me "Superbooks" for Easter, birthdays, Christmas.

She wants me to learn more about God.

One Sunday after church, her Sunday school teacher

stopped me and asked me how she knew so much about the Bible.

I have to give "Superbook" the credit.

It is the word of God, and it plants

the word of God into their hearts and the word of God

never comes back void.

I think one of the most exciting "Superbook"

moments for my family is when Gracie started

to memorize the salvation poem, which is

sung at the end of every DVD.

(SINGING) Jesus you died upon a cross and rose again to save

the lost.

And eventually she started asking me

what it meant for Jesus to die and save us.

And so it opened up a lot of conversation for us

to talk about the plan of salvation.

NARRATOR: On New Year's Day 2013,

Gracie gave her heart to Jesus and was later baptized.

I decided to follow him and be a disciple of his.

I love God very much and I wanted

him to be my savior in my life.

I'm just amazed when I look at the fruit

that I've seen in my entire family's life.

And these cartoons that we are getting on a monthly basis,

I know that they are having an eternal impact on my family.

I'm just so grateful for that.

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