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Imagine Living Life Debt-Free!

Have you ever tried testing God with your finances? How about with $130,000 in debt? Frank and Gail did. See what happened as a result. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: With a garden and an orchard in their backyard,

Frank and Gail Smith are experts at growing a variety of fruits

and vegetables.

We have peaches, and cherries, and apricots, and plums.

The mandarins and the pomelos, which come off in December

are just-- they're to die for.

NARRATOR: They know getting a good crop depends

on how much they put into it.

They believe the same goes for tithing and giving.

Something they learned reading the Bible.

It says in the Bible, test me.

God wants us to test him.

What really spoke to me was Malachi 310.

I looked into that and the trust me in this and see if I do not

open up the flood gates of heaven and pour out a blessing

that you cannot contain.

NARRATOR: At the time Frank and Gail

had decided to pay off $130,000 of debt and live debt free.

We got into debt through a combination of ways.

We were a typical American family

trying to struggle through the day-to-day activities

of raising a family.

And kids are expensive.

We had a car debt, we had a mortgage on a home,

and we had typical debt that was beginning to build up.

NARRATOR: They started applying God's financial principles.

Paying off the debt, cutting back on spending, and tithing.

And within two years--

We were able to pay off $130,000 in debt

and we were able to tithe more than we ever had.

NARRATOR: Over the years they started

giving above their tithe, which included CBN.

We like the programs, the outreaches,

and the Ministry of CBN.

And we love the Ministry of the 700 Club.

Whenever there is a disaster, I don't

care where it's at in the world, operation blessing is there.

They're doing things and reaching people that we cannot.

NARRATOR: Then in 2008, Frank and Gail

developed a plant food supplement

that today is sold in nearly every state.

The name, Shake and Grow, came in the night.

And God clearly spoke and he said, Frank it's simple,

just you shake it and the plant grows.

And hence Shake and Grow.

That's it.

That's perfect.

So that's what we went with on the name.

This year we've seen sales 1,000% of what they were.

So we are very excited about what God is doing

and where he has taken us.

And how he can use this technology to bless farmers

throughout the world.

NARRATOR: Their friend down the street

used it to grow this 1,200 pound pumpkin.

Now CBN 1,000 club members, Frank and Gail

are still debt free.

They love sharing their success with their four children

and six grandchildren and telling them

that it comes from God and their faithfulness to give.

We're so grateful to what God is doing.

I can't imagine not having them in our lives.

We're just going to trust him.

And it's like test me in this and see

if I'm not going to be faithful and do what I say.

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