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$64,000 Debt—Paid Off in Under Two Years

High debt early in marriage can be a rough beginning. Jacob and Tiffany decided to take a chance that rescued them from crushing debt and brought real satisfaction. You can take the same adventure. Read Transcript


When Jacob and Tiffany Hopwood of Euless, Texas,

said "I do" in 2012, they were confronted by the challenge

that many young couples face.

Their combined debt was $64,000.

We both had significant student loan debt.

I'd been paying on mine 10 years and didn't even have half of it

paid off.

I did decide that it would be nice

if we didn't have that gorilla on our back.

And just wouldn't it be nice if we paid it all off?

It was also during their first year

together that the couple learned about tithing at church.

When you're not tithing, in your mind,

all your money is yours.

10% is a lot of money.

It really is.

And so to go from nothing to 10% is a huge deal.

But they decided to take a chance and tithe.

I said, "OK."


Let's do it.

It was scary.

It was definitely scary.

Right after they started tithing, Tiffany's hobby

turned into something more.

I think God was showing me that you have

these talents that I can use.

I'd always been doing photography but never

for money.

Tiffany's wedding photo business took off.

I started my photography business the same year

we started tithing.

At the end of the year, when I was doing our taxes,

I was stunned.

Because I'm adding up the revenue from my business,

and it's the exact amount of money of our tithe.

Tiffany actually works full-time as a CPA

and does some tax returns on the side.

Jacob is in the real estate rental market where they live.

But even with their combined income,

they still struggle to pay off their debt.

They continue to tithe.

Then Tiffany got laid off from her accounting job.

Oh, there's definitely fear involved.

There's definitely fear involved in losing your job.

That layoff, however, would turn out

to be a blessing in disguise.

I got an enormous severance.

I got a new job with a very large increase.

At that point, they decided to do something else.

We were watching the telethon one night,

and I felt like God told me, "You

need to give to the 700 Club."

So they did as 700 Club Gold Members using Pledge Express.

With help from her severance and a boost from her higher salary,

Tiffany and Jacob took bold steps

and paid off the balance of the $64,000 debt in just 16 months.

It's a huge amount of money.

I still am a little bit shocked by it.

And as they continue to tithe and give to CBN,

Tiffany's businesses are growing while others

seem to be struggling.

I know a lot of photographers now even

say, "It's so hard for me to book weddings.

I don't know how you're getting so many weddings."

I have more photoshoots and work than I can possibly

do in photography, and I probably

have double the amount of customers

I have in my tax business than I had before.

I'm beyond busy with opportunities for income.

Recently, to celebrate paying off their debt,

they took some of their extra cash and went on a vacation.

We're so grateful now that we're out of debt

so that we can give to the places that we want to give to.

And CBN is doing such wonderful things around the world,

and we're grateful to be a part of that.


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