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She More Than Doubled Her Salary… Can You?

Allene knows how quickly life can fall apart when marriage, jobs, and money are lost. Instead of giving in to fear, she used a financial principle that helped her. It can help you too. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Allene Helmick of El Paso, Texas, knows

how quickly life can fall apart.

Within a week, she lost her job, got divorced,

became a single mom of a three-year-old son.

I thought, OK.

What am I going to do?

My fears were, can I provide for my son?

NARRATOR: On top of rent, Allene had

to pay for food, clothing, insurance, and more

on just $300 a week that came from unemployment and child


But instead of giving into fear, Allene put her faith in God.

I realized, you know what?

The best husband I can have is the Lord.

And this was a time I had to put him to the test.

The Lord's not going to disappoint me.

NARRATOR: Allene learned to trust

God watching the 700 Club.

I've watched 700 Club since I've been 18 years old.

And that's how I got saved.

NARRATOR: It's also where she heard about tithing and giving.

I remember pat saying, start with $20.

So I said, yeah, I can do $20.

I'm just going to do it.

And let's see.

NARRATOR: She continued following

God's financial principles throughout her marriage,

tithing and giving to CBN.

Even then as a single, divorced mom barely getting by,

she wasn't about to stop.

ALLENE: In Malachi 3:10, he says prove me.

Bring 10% to the store house.

So I was like, OK, you said it.

And so he made 90% be like 100%.

And more.

My money has stretched.

My son had what he needed.

He had clothes.

He had food.

I had food.

I didn't miss a beat.

NARRATOR: She often called the CBN prayer center

and asked them to pray for a well-paying, long-term job.

And when I didn't know how to pray,

they knew how to pray for me.

And minister to me.

NARRATOR: Within months, Allene got the job she had prayed for,

and soon started getting promotions and raises.

And the one thing I always told God, as you increase my income,

I will also increase my tithe.

NARRATOR: She did.

And eventually, her salary more than doubled.

Now, Allene is a CBN 1,000 Club member.

They're reaching out to those that are in need.

And that is the hands and feet of Jesus.

NARRATOR: She has advice for those

who want to experience God's faithfulness like she has.

Trust God.

And go before him.

And if $10 is what you can do, $20, just step back.

Just do it.

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