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“Grandfather, Be Healed!”

Vidhi, 11, adores her grandfather, who suffers paralysis from diabetes. After she she saw Jesus heal a paralyzed man in CBN’s Superbook, Vidhi decided to pray for her grandfather’s healing. Witness the amazing effects of a child’s simple ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 10-year-old Vidhi loves

playing with her grandfather.

When he suddenly became ill, she was heartbroken.

His hands and legs started hurting a lot.

So when he could not walk for several months,

I fed him and took care of him.

NARRATOR: Vidhi's grandfather was

diagnosed with severe diabetes, which caused partial paralysis.

The medication prescribed for him did not help.

He had to give up his job as a gardener for the government

and could no longer provide for his family.

So Vidhi's mother got a job at a tailoring center

run by a local church.

She found out that the church also ran a youth group,

and thought Vidhi would enjoy it.

VIDHI: When I went there, I learned

how to dance, sing songs, pray, and read the Bible.

They also showed us Superbook.

One of the stories was about a man who was paralyzed.


VIDHI: Jesus told him, your sins are forgiven, get up.

And immediately, the man stood up.

So I believed that if I pray to Jesus,

he would listen to my prayers and heal my grandfather.

NARRATOR: Vidhi also asked the pastor for help.

PASTOR: As a church, we began to pray for him.

Then I talked to him and read him scriptures

about God's healing power.

Then he prayed for me, and all of the sudden,

I started getting better.

PASTOR: It wasn't long until he got up and started walking.

NARRATOR: In less than a month, Vidhi's grandfather

felt so well that he went back to work.

Both he and Vidhi have no doubt who healed him.

GRANDFATHER: I knew Jesus healed me

after my granddaughter and the church prayed for me.

So I asked him to be my one, true God.

After my grandfather was healed,

I prayed to Jesus to come into my heart.

I wanted to live as his child from that day on.

NARRATOR: Vidhi is praying for the rest of her family

to give their lives to Christ, too.

VIDHI: My brother likes it a lot when

I read him stories from the Bible

and watch Superbook with him.

He sees how happy I have been ever since I accepted Jesus

into my life.

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