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Dodging Snakes to Get Water

Poori learned a painful lesson: avoid snakes when fetching water. It was a miracle she didn’t die from the snakebite or the polluted water. Who would bring relief to her remote village in northern India? Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Poori feared walking to the open well to get water

because poisonous snakes were always nearby.

INTERPRETER: (VOICEOVER) One time I was bitten by a snake

while getting water.

My family thought I was going to die.

One of the villagers told the pastor what happened,

and he came to my house and prayed for me.


the Lord Jesus Christ healed her.

She completely recovered.


my husband and I put our trust in Jesus as the one true God.

NARRATOR: But Poori still had to keep going to the well,

even though the water she risked her life for

was almost as dangerous as the snakes.

INTERPRETER: (VOICEOVER) It is filled with garbage, dirt,

and bugs.

Drinking that water often made my husband and me sick.

When we were sick, we couldn't work.

That meant we couldn't eat.

NARRATOR: They knew Jesus could do miracles,

so they asked Him for help.


would solve our water problem.

And soon CBN came to our village and dug a well.

NARRATOR: All the villagers rejoiced,

knowing they could easily and safely get

clean water from CBN's well.

INTERPRETER: (VOICEOVER) The well is close to our home.

Now we don't have to walk far or be afraid of snakes

while getting water.

Now we will not get sick from dirty water,

and we will have more time to work.

We thank God and CBN for making this possible.

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