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Enduring Pain Until God Heals

The demands of Tim’s job left his back in constant pain. He learned to deal with it using medication, but still trusted God for healing. Read Transcript

When I was down hooking up the gas line to the stove,

I could just feel this in my back,

just something like a big bulge broke loose.

It just very painful.

Well, at that point in time, I'd never had any pain like that.

It was excruciating.

NARRATOR: Tim Whitaker had been dealing with pain

from a spinal condition for year, but this was worse.

The electrician couldn't work for a month afterward.

When I went to the neurosurgeon,

he told me that I had a bulged disc and then

this spondylolisthesis.

And he just gave me pain medication.

At that time, it was Percocet.

He said, you need something pretty strong

to get through this.

He said, you're going to have some issues down the road.

NARRATOR: Although Tim could function,

he was still in constant pain.

Even though it might be painful or whatever,

you just kind of put it off, put it off, because you know,

you don't have time to quit for anything.

You've got to move on in life, you know.

NARRATOR: For the next seven years,

Tim depended on pain medication to make it through the day.

Finally, he had surgery, which gave him relief, but only

for a couple years.

Then it just started getting so excruciating.

It would go right back into the numbness

of the leg, where I couldn't bend my toe on my left foot.

The lower back was just tight.

I was told, well, you have to deal with the pain medication

and depression medication for the rest your life.

NARRATOR: Despite his pain and frustration,

Tim trusted God and prayed for healing.

I just knew that God had something in store for my life.

NARRATOR: In January, 2015, Tim says

that God answered his prayers.

Lord, we lift the needs of the audience to You.

TIM: I was watching 700 Club that night.

Gordon had prayed.

He said--

Someone, you've had deteriorating bone

in the vertebrae of your back.

And you just live in constant pain.

God's healing you.

I said, that's for me.

Just a good, really good, peaceful, at ease-- whew.

It's a relief.

I didn't feel the pain.

I felt great.

I now can not be such a burden on my wife.

Now I can get in a car.

I can ride somewhere.

Thank God I got the miracle I got from the healing pain.

NARRATOR: Tim hasn't had to take any medication since,

and feels better than he has in years.

He has a word of encouragement for anyone

who needs God's healing.

If you're going through chronic pain,

you're getting bad news from the doctor every day,

something's going on, don't give up.

Don't give up.

He will give you some peace and comfort through your trials.

And don't think also, I'm not going to get a miracle.

I prayed on it.

I haven't seen any results.

Don't do that to yourself.

Stay near to God.


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