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Baby Girl Abandoned in China, Now a Singing Sensation

Abandoned as a baby at a train station in China, Kenzie was miraculously found and later adopted by a loving family in the United States. Her family soon discovered that God had blessed Kenzie with an amazing singing voice. Read Transcript

- [Mackenzie] I was born inthe Hunan Province of China.

And when I was only one month old,

I was left by a trainstation in a paper box.

I was alone and nobody was with me

and nobody cared.

And someone found me andtook me to an orphanage.

- Chuck and I were married in '82.

And then our son Brad was born in '84.

- And a bout a year anda half later we lost

a second son at birth.

So we spent the next16 years contemplating

the idea of adoption.

- We just had this feeling thatour family wasn't complete.

- So in 2000,

we adopted our first daughter Katelyn.

And she's now 15.

And then three years laterwe just had it in our hearts

that God had a plan foranother daughter in our lives.

We heard about all the baby girls in China

who needed forever homes.

God just said that'swhere you've gotta be.

And so we made plans andGod matched us up with

Mackenzie Grace Walker.

- [Mom] We fell in the lovethe moment we saw her picture.

We couldn't get there soon enough.

- We were working through an agency

and we were traveling witha group of 13 other couples

from the states who were allgoing through the same process.

And literally the secondday we were in China,

we got our baby girls.

- When we got home from China,

just walked in the doorand we had a chime clock

in our kitchen.

And she heard the chime

and she walked up to it and looked at it

and mimicked the sound exactly on pitch.

wherever we went, shewould hum along with music.

It became obvious that it wasjust a part of who she was.

She would sing as she was playing.

Even when friends were over,

she would plan these elaborate programs

and she would give everyone parts

and then kept her form for us.

It was just, it was a partof her everyday world.


- I honestly don't remembera time I never sang.

I started singing everywhere.

- Mackenzie has gottenopportunities to sing

really from the time she'sbeen about five years old.

- With this album and having a manager

and getting to sing likein really big places.

I just kind of flash back

and I remember when I was even five

when I started voice lessons.

I'm like mom, I wanna be a famous singer.

- The first time she walkedout on that big field

and she was 50 pounds,this tiny little girl,

and my heart is pounding.

This is overwhelming and shewalked out and just belted it.

- This will actually be her third year

to do the anthem at a Houston Astros game

and she's singing such an incredible song

in front of this hugeaudience of 40, 50,000 people.

To hear that little voice just boom out

over the loud speakers.

As a parent, you just can'thelp but your heart just swell.

- It's really unbelievable.

And I'm like oh, I'm actually here.

I'm not in a dream.

This is for real.

- That's a little overwhelmingto a couple of parents.

We're just a normal family.

To watch all thosechildren gather around her

and want their picture made

their smiling faces.

And to watch Mackenzieinteracting with them.

That's just so much fun.

You can't get any better than that

as a parent observing that.

Mackenzie can go out and help children

and help spread the love ofJesus throughout the world.

It's not only what she wants to do

and what we want for her,

it's our obligation, it's our calling.

- I work with a ministry called ICM,

International Cooperating Ministries.

And what I'm getting to do with them,

is help building an orphanage.

I was an orphan and now I have a family.

And there are kids out there who are still

an orphan and they don't have a family.

I need to help them because God helped me.

And through God I can help them.

- This was just God's plan,

that she started offin China for a reason.

She was placed with us for a reason.

- One of my favoriteverses is Jeremiah 29:11.

I know the plans I have for you.

Plans to give you hope and a future.

And that verse means so much to me

because it's actually happening to me.

God is with you

and he has a plan forevery single one of you.

- [Mom] And it's so muchbigger when it's God's plan.

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