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Desperate Baby Gets New Lease on Life

In India, nine-month-old Vithal faces a desperate situation after being born with a cleft lip. CBN is able to pay for corrective surgery which enables young Vithal to embrace a much brighter future. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Nine-month-old Vital was malnourished.

His cleft lip and palate made it very difficult for him to eat.

He would throw up whatever we tried to feed him.

The only thing we could give him was powdered milk and water.

He had stomach problems regularly

and he always had a cold.

NARRATOR: As a vegetable vendor in southern India,

his father barely made enough money for them to live on.

There were times that I wanted to cry,

because we were not able to save money to pay for his operation.

We didn't have anyone to turn to for help.

NARRATOR: Then a local hospital found out

about Vital and contacted CBN.

We told them to schedule his cleft lip surgery right away

and that we would sponsor it.

One month later we visited their family

to see how Vital was doing.

My joy overflowed when I saw him after the operation.

Now he's eating biscuits and bananas.

And he is trying to eat grapes and any other fruit he sees.

Everyone in my family keeps telling me how healthy and cute

he looks.

I want to thank you so much for giving my son the operation.

My entire family thanks you.


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