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Prison Stay Leaves Bike Club Leader a Changed Man

The lure of being his own boss led Dave Spurgeon down a dark road. He became a leader in the infamous Outlaws Biker Club, but the crime that came with that role landed him behind bars. Read Transcript

DAVE SPURGEON: I'd been on about a three day cocaine

high binge there.

A little place on the north side of Dayton.

They came up the stairs, and I'm waking up kind of groggy.

And it was on.

NARRATOR: Ever since Dave Spurgeon was a teenager,

he lived life on his own terms.

Even though he had loving Christian parents,

he had little interest in their faith or God.

We're talking the late '60s.

We're talking about, you know, rock music

coming into vogue, and war protesters,

and just a rebellious spirit.

So, I still wanted to do things they didn't approve of,

you know, on Friday night after the football game

or the basketball game, so we clashed.

NARRATOR: After after high school,

Dave joined the army looking for adventure.

But he got tired of taking orders and after three years,

got out and pursued the life he really wanted.


I saw the movie Easy Rider in senior high school,

and that stuck with me.

I just wanted to have fun and I didn't

want to be told what to do.

And that was the spirit of the age.

Those two things motivated me.

NARRATOR: So, Dave started hanging out

at the local watering hole.

He also found a use for the fighting skills

he learned in the Army.

Spent a lot of time sticking up for the little guy,

for lack of a better way to put it.

And earned a reputation as a fist fighter.

And so, it wasn't long before I was

courted by a little local club.

NARRATOR: Dave hadn't given much thought to joining a motorcycle

club, but the idea called to something deep inside him

and he accepted their invitation.

The concept of brotherhood.

I had a desire to be part of something that meant something.

But this idea of brotherhood, we were like minded,

we're going to, you know, support each other, that

appealed to me.

NARRATOR: Attached to that idea was a lifestyle

that Dave gradually embraced.

It led to more drinking, and more drugs,

and more carelessness, and more recklessness, and more


And you just get to a place where, you know, live fast,

die young, leave a good looking corpse.

NARRATOR: Dave later joined an international motorcycle

club called the outlaws.

He rose to second in command in the US,

slipping deeper into a culture of violence, crime, and drug


We formed our own society, we formed our own rules,

we had our own standards.

And we took care of one another.

And the higher I rose in rank, the less people

I had telling me what to do.

NARRATOR: In the midst of it all, his mother

never gave up on her son.

And never stopped praying for him.

I mean, I told my mother once I said,

mom you got to quit talking to me about Jesus

or I'm not going to come around.

And what she did was she went over my head.

She put purpose in her heart to talk to the Lord about me.

NARRATOR: Early one morning, Dave's 15 years

of living by his own rules came to a head.

POLICE: Police, open up.


There was as a loud noise banging against the front door

of my house.

And it was a battering ram at the hands

of a Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Federal Agency there.

They came in like the 4th Infantry,

and things changed for me that day.

NARRATOR: Dave was arrested on federal drug and weapons

charges and faced up to 37 years in prison.

While in jail awaiting trial, he got

into a fight that landed him in solitary confinement.

He was denied access to everything,

except the church service.

So I went, just to get out of the cell.

My reluctance to going to church didn't have anything

to do with not believing in God, I just

didn't believe God would have anything to do with me.

Because I made a decision at 18 years

old to turn my back on him.

NARRATOR: The message wouldn't let him rest.

When a person dies in their sin,

they end up in a lake of fire, in spite of God

so loving the world that he gave his only begotten son.

And I'm thinking, thanks for cheering me up chaplain.

I'm looking at all these years in prison

and now you're here telling me I'm going to burn forever too.

Thanks a lot.

And thank God that's not all.

Because he said, Christ was crucified for our sins

and the Bible says whosoever shall

call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

And he gave us John 3:16.

And I'm thinking, really, me, are you kidding?

NARRATOR: Later he asked the Chaplin for a Bible

and started reading.

Alone in his cell, he prayed.

I said something like this.

God, I'm going to prison, you and me both know I deserve it.

The Bible says I'm going to hell and you and me both

know I deserve it.

And I said, but that Bible says your son went to the cross

so that I could be forgiven.

And I said, God if you'll have me,

if you'll have somebody like me, I'll have you.

NARRATOR: A few minutes later Dave wrote his mother a letter.

I said, I am sorry for the disgrace and all the heartache.

But thanks for praying.

And if I never see you outside of a federal prison visiting

room, I'll see you heaven mom.

Thanks for praying.

I asked Christ to forgive me today.

NARRATOR: Dave plead guilty to all charges.

And his sentence was reduced to five years probation

with 1,000 hours of community service.

As part of the terms, Dave was required

to share his story with at risk youth.

He loved it so much that when his probation was up,

he decided to go into ministry.

Now he's married to Susan and serving as a full time


I started with no skill, not marketable, not legitimate.

Everything I was good at was basically illegal.

And the Lord took me up on my offer

and I surrendered to serve him, and he's let me.

NARRATOR: As a follower of Jesus Christ,

Dave now knows true brotherhood.

I was looking for something, something

to dedicate my life to.

And he has met the need, the fulfillment,

that everybody basically has.

There's a place that only God can fill.

The Lord has been good to me.

That's it.

Lord Jesus Christ has been good to me.


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