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Bring It On-Line: Lottery

Is it really wrong to play the lottery? I very seldom play but when the jackpot is really big I'll buy a few tickets. This week the Power-ball jackpot is 1.3 billion. I only do this if my tithes and bills are paid. Should we watch TV shows or ... Read Transcript

We're going to take some time to bring it

on with your e-mail questions, and Pat,

this first one comes from David who says,

"Is it really wrong to play the lottery?

I very seldom play, but when the jackpot is really big,

I'll buy a few tickets.

This week the Powerball jackpot is 1.3 billion.

I only do this if my tithes and bills are paid."

A much greater chance of being struck by an asteroid than you

have of winning the lottery.

The odds are unbelievably against you.

But the thing is, we as Christians should not

want to get rich quick through some lottery or some gambling.

Because there are ways that God set up in his kingdom.

You know, the exponential curve will get your riches

that-- but it will take you 20, 30 years of slow increase.

But is it wrong?

Hey, you take a few bucks and put it down on the lottery.

I mean, if you think you're going to win something

you're crazy.

But if you-- I mean-- it's about you pay for a hamburger,

so I wouldn't worry about it.


This is Michael, who says, "My adult son, who is married,

has not been speaking to me lately,

and doesn't allow me to see my grandson.

He currently has the same relationship

with my parents, who are not Christians.

My son claims to be a Christian, but he doesn't

honor me or his grandparents.

When Eli was very old, the Lord held

Eli responsible for his son's bad behavior

and he punished Eli for honoring them above God.

At what point do adults stop being

responsible for their children's bad behavior?"

You're responsible when he was a little kid growing up,

and if you shaped him in the way he should

have been when he got older, he would still

follow what you taught him.

Eli's kids were sleeping with women in the temple.

These were devout women who had come into the temple,

and these temple workers were having sex with them,

and they were also stealing the offerings of the Jewish people.

So Eli's sons were actually temple workers

under his jurisdiction.

That was a whole lot different of having a kid who's

on his own doing what yours is.

I certainly would pray for him, but I

know it breaks your heart to see the child doing the way he is,

and he will pay the price.

I was reading today about what Jesus

said about those who forgive, and you know,

if you don't forgive, it's a pretty serious matter.

So those children-- children, child,

whatever-- they are going to pay the price, big time.

Now, this is a viewer who says, "Should we

watch TV shows or movies that use God's name in vain?

It's used so frequently these days.

Should we ask for forgiveness if we to watch these shows?

And also, how should a person ask for forgiveness?"

You know, David said to Solomon,

"I've set no vile thing before my eyes."

There are just vile things going on all the time.

And it's very hard to keep them away from you.

The airways are filled with them.

And the moving pictures are filled with them.

Oh, I don't know.

It's a very difficult thing to get free of all this culture

that we live in, because every time you turn around,

it's drenched with sex, it's drenched with immorality,

it's drenched with blasphemy.

And I think as Martin Luther said,

"It's no sin to have the birds fly over your hair.

It is a sin you let them nest in your hair," all right?

This is Shannon who says, "Hi.

I'm 14 and I grew up listening to rock music.

Recently I've been obsessed with a rock band.

Some of their songs have some strange lyrics.

Now my dad is telling me that I should second guess

listening to their music!

I love Christian music too, but I find myself

not letting go of my rock music because that's

what I was born listening to.

So can I listen to both rock and Christian music?

Please help."

It depends on what rock you're listening to.

I mean, some of the stuff is just evil.

They used to talk about kill your parents

and they were just evil things.

And they were odes to Satan, and so you

don't want that stuff coming into your mind.

There's some beat that's out there that

probably isn't all that bad.

Although, in one Indian context, they were playing rock music

and the person said, why are you calling on the demons?

Because that was the kind of music

they used to summon demons.

So, anyhow.

Again, the evil in the world is so pervasive

that we just need to stay in prayer,

we need to stay in the word of God,

and we need to have fellowship with one another.

But the truth is, if we don't have any relation with that,

we'll have to go out of the world.

And it's-- Paul said, "I've got to eat with people who are

idolaters, and if I don't, then I'll have to leave the world."

So that's the way we live.

So the Lord understands that.

All right.

This is Bonnie who says, "Hi, I am just

starting to study the Bible, and was confused by something

Pat said on your show.

He was saying that God's name was Lord

and that it was the English translation of Yahweh.

I thought Lord was the title, not a name.

Then when I looked up God's name,

it said Jehovah, which is the same as Yahweh.

Lord is not his name-- it's a title.



There's a-- unfortunately, you don't know Greek and Hebrew,

and it's Greek and Hebrew that we're dealing with.

Now there's a word Adonai.

Adonai, that is a title.

It means governor.

Your governor.

God's name is "He who causes everything to be."

That's what the literal Hebrew means.

And if you take the vowel pointings of Adonai,

and put them together with Yahweh, you get Yeh-ho-wa,

and that's where you get Jehovah.

His name isn't Jehovah, but it is Yahweh.

That's his name.

Now, you take that name, and somebody says,

I will bless Yahweh.

But instead of writing it "Yahweh"

the translators have put L-o-r-d.

I will bless the Lord, his praise

will continue to be on my lips.

Well, they're talking about his name

but it's a translation into English which is confusing.

So does that clarify?

Well you have to understand the languages to really get

the gist--

Well you have to understand, when you see L-o-r-d

in the Bible, it is a English translation of the word Yahweh,

which happens to be the name of God.

The god we serve.



That's all time we have to for today.

Thank you.

Good questions.

We appreciate those.


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