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Years of Harmful Acid Reflux Stopped Cold

For years Lucy dealt with symptoms of severe acid reflux, causing her to have problems eating and sleeping, but in July 2013 her damaged esophagus was healed during a prayer on The 700 Club. Read Transcript

I woke up one night, and it was like my heart was

going so fast and so loud like somebody beating on a drum

or something.

And that's when I got fearful because I thought

I was having a heart attack.

NARRATOR: Lucy wasn't having a heart attack

but she was experiencing heart palpitations that were

being caused by acid reflux.

LUCY: When I would eat, I would get that really bad acid-like

stinging in my stomach.

At one point, I couldn't swallow like down through here.

It was painful when I would swallow water even.

But I didn't know what it was.

NARRATOR: Her doctor gave her some medication,

but it did little to alleviate the problem, especially

at night.

LUCY: When I'd lay down again, it'd start again.

And it would continue to do that.

That was happening every night, and I'm getting

like one or two hours sleep.

NARRATOR: Lucy suffered for almost 13 years

and prayed daily for her healing.

You promised me, Lord, you'd never leave me nor forsake me.

And it was scary.

NARRATOR: One morning, she turned on "The 700 Club."

They we're talking about people with acid reflux

and have been healed and so I was sitting on the couch

and I said to the Lord, tell them-- [CRYING]

Tell-- have them give me a word.

Someone else you have extreme acid reflux,

and you've had it for a long time.

God's healing that.

When she said that, I just felt like a change inside of me.

At that time, I was having heart palpitations and that stopped.

It just stopped.

And that's when I was so excited.

NARRATOR: Lucy slept through the night for the first time

in years and has been symptom free ever since.

She also changed her diet and has started to exercise.

She lost almost 50 pounds.

I walk sometimes 10,000 steps a day.

I'm just happy that I can walk all

those steps and no palpitations, no heart palpitations.

Spiritually, I just feel stronger.

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