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Basketball Injury Sidelines One Man for Years

Andy suffered a shoulder injury while playing basketball and spent years in pain until Gordon Robertson prayed for God’s healing touch and Andy received a miracle. Read Transcript

I've broken several bones before.

And all I can tell you is is it hurt

way worse than any broken bone I've ever experienced.

NARRATOR: Andy Anderson was a teenager

when he dislocated his shoulder shooting

baskets at a playground.

But even after a doctor reset his shoulder,

Andy continued having problems.

I could be doing something that most people would

take for granted, just like taking a shower,

trying to exercise proper hygiene by washing

under your arms, and doing something as simple as raising

my arm up to wash under it.

It has came out a socket doing that before.

And then I would have to get out of the shower in intense pain,

lay down on the bed, and force my arm to go back in place.

NARRATOR: Andy had lived with the pain for 15 years

when he fell a second time.

He broke his scapula and dislocated his shoulder again.

When you experience tremendous pain like that,

you kind of going into panic.

It was very discouraging and very disheartening.

And over a period of years, I kind of

had learned to move in certain ways.

NARRATOR: The pain continued for several more years.

Then one morning, Andy turned on "The 700 Club".

In an act of faith, touch that area

of the body that needs healing.

So I took my left hand and I placed it

upon my right shoulder where the injury is at.

And I closed my eyes.

Someone, you've had a long term injury in your right shoulder.

There was a broken scapula as well as ligament damage

in the joint.

God's healing all of that for you.

I just felt a wave go through that shoulder.

And just a release.

And you're able to freely move it.

What you couldn't do before, do it now in Jesus' name.

Start moving that right arm.

ANDY: When he said that, I just hit my knees.

And I knew that this healing was specifically for me.

And I felt this tingling in my right shoulder at this point.

It was a sensation that I've never experienced before.

God literally reached down and touched my shoulder

and healed just like turning on a light switch.

An injury that I've carried for over two decades was just gone.

NARRATOR: Andy has been pain free ever since

and enjoys doing things he couldn't do for years.

He's grateful for God's love and for faithful prayer.

I'm so filled with gratitude to the Lord for healing me.

I'm so filled with gratitude to Gordon and to "The 700 Club".

It's increased my faith in the Lord.

Since he reach down and healed me on a very personal level,

it has just absolutely skyrocketed my love

and my faith for the Lord.

God is the ultimate physician.

He's the ultimate healer.

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