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A New Van for the Daultons

The Daultons are getting a new van. 700 Club Interactive and Orphan’s Promise teamed up to start the Daulton Family Van Fund to replace their aged and mechanically failing vehicle. Thanks to generous donations, this family of 11 received a ... ... Read Transcript

JESSICA CHOCO: Hello, I'm Jessica Choco.

And I am excited to be standing in front

of the Daulton family's brand new fifteen passenger van.

You may remember we introduced you

to the Daulton family a few months ago.

They have one biological and eight adopted children,

all with Down Syndrome.

After meeting them, we discovered

they had an immediate need for a new family vehicle.

Not only does their current van have well over 200,000 miles,

and needs mechanical repairs, but the family doesn't all fit.

They need to take two vehicles just

to transport everyone, which is why 700 Club interactive

and Orphans Promise teamed up to launch the Daulton family van


And thanks to your generous contributions,

we exceeded our goal.

And today we'll be delivering this 15 passenger Sprinter

van to the family.

But they have no idea it's coming.

Well, we have hidden the van in a nearby neighborhood.

And the Daultons think that we're

going to go talk to them about fund raising updates.

What they don't know is they're going to get the van today.

Let's go see what they have to say.

Well, it's great to see you again.

It's good to see you, Jessica.

And how excited are you that we not only

reached the fundraising goal, but we exceeded it?

That's so amazing.

It's so amazing.

I'm blown away by this.

It's just-- only God.

How has this affected your faith?

It's just one more time that God has shown himself able.

One more time, he's done it so many times in my life.

And it's just, wow.

And what will it be like to have everybody,

the whole family, all the kids in one vehicle going to church,

going to bowling, going to therapy,

what does that mean to you?

It means everything.

It means everything.

Because we love-- we love our family.

We love to take them places.

We love to show them off because this world

needs these children.

This world needs to see our kids.

They're such an example of God's love.

So many people who have seen the fundraising

drive and have become interested in us

and people just excited about our family,

getting to know more about kids with Down Syndrome.

Can understand the special love that they bring.

And it's just-- this is the message

we want to bring to the world.

This is what's in our hearts.

And this has been a medium not just

for providing this tremendous van,

but it's been wow, off the charts as far

as making people aware of how great these kids are.

From Seven CI Cares, Orphan's Promise and the Daulton family,

thank you!

What is that?

Oh my goodness.

Oh no!

Look at that.


No way.

Look at this, guys.

Look at that.


Oh my goodness.


I got clearance.

Look, it's got a sky-- This van is going to last us 30 years.

It may be the last one that we ever need for our family.

So this is the real blessing.

So this is something that is going to be there

for us for a long time.

From Seven CI Cares, Orphan's Promise and the Daulton family,

thank you!


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