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Demetria Stallings Debuts New Record, Letters Of the Heart

Vocalist Demetria Stallings discusses her faith and how God is using her story to help others through music ministry. Read Transcript

The singer who's about to perform

is usually on the other side of the cameras,

here in our studio.

She's the guest producer for The 700 Club,

and she's also an amazing singer.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Demetria Stallings has been singing in church

since age four.

Today, she still sings in churches around the world.

In her CD, Letters of the Heart, she

offers a message of hope and encouragement

to everyone facing challenges in their lives.

And now here's Demetria Stallings with an original song

called, "Can We Just Dance?"


Completely happy with you by my side.

You stretch the heavens, spread them out wide.

I want to dance tonight.

Can we dance tonight?

Alpha, omega, beginning and my end,

you are my comfort and my best friend.

I want to dance tonight.

Can we dance tonight?

Can we just dance?

Can we just dance?

Can we just dance?

Can we just dance tonight?

You made the earth.

It was formless and void.

Then created men to be kingdom, o Lord.

I want to dance tonight.

Can we dance tonight?

The earth is yours, Lord, and the fullness thereof.

The voices of angels cry holy, o Lord.

I want to dance tonight.

Can we dance tonight?

Can we just dance?

Can we just dance?

I want to dance with you.

And I want to be free to be me.

I want to dance with you.

I want to dance with you, cause you're so good.



Dance with you, God!

I want to dance, I want to dance with you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Can we just dance tonight?

So gorgeous.

What a beautiful song.

Pat and I were just over there, it was no blessed.

You wrote that yourself.

Yes, I did.

What was the inspiration?

It's interesting.

I was actually at Regent University

getting my Master's, and there was just so much going on.

And I was just like, Lord, if you can just

dance with me during me getting my education,

I know I'll be OK.

Amen, Amen.

Well, I know this was a labor of love, and also intensely

personal, your debut album.

You called it Letters of the Heart, Demetria.


Because it came from my heart it.

Was letters on my own heart.

There was so much pain that I have gone through,

but God turned it to something beautiful.

So I wanted to make sure that people that had pain

could actually write their own testimonies, like I did.

I mean, you're gorgeous.

You look like you've got it all together.

But you've been through some stuff.

Oh, yes.

I've been through--

And it comes out in some of your songs.

Yes, definitely.

And people have to go get it to hear it, yeah.

Now, let me ask you, overall, what

is the message that you want listeners to take away

from Letters of the Heart?

Well, more than anything I want them to love God and love


And I think if they can express themselves

through a holistic approach, whether they're

being a mom, of they're being a singer, or an actor, whatever

they are so that the beauty of God can come out,

and so that they can also give back to their communities.

Because I am giving back to my community,

and also giving back to Colombia,

in South America with the Ministry, ICM.

And we're giving back to build a Hope Center down there,

so yeah.

You know, it's funny.

I've heard you sing in worship settings a lot.

But this is a different sound.

This is really coming from a different place.

It's really amazing.

Thank you so much.

I think the worship side, it can also come into your artistry.

So it's all giving back to God.

Now, when, where, how do we get it?

Well, it's really exciting.

We're doing a pre-sale release on

People can order that on there, and the CD

drops in February, February 12.

February 12.

And also people can go to go to my website,

and we're also letting people for two days

only get a digital download for a pre-sale release.

OK, well I got my copy, and I am

going to be listening to this.

I-- you are so amazing.

Thank you, Wendy.

Thank you so much.

One of our very own, Demetria Stallings.

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