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Praying For Your Needs: January 13, 2016

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

So listen, we're going to pray for people right now.

I know you want a miracle.

Today's the day of the miracles.

Robert, who lived in Eaton, Georgia had a wart on his foot.

And it became very painful.

The podiatrist said you ought to have that surgically removed.

He was watching the program one day, and when he said somebody

with a fungus problem on your feet.

God is touching you right now.

And Robert said the wart just disappeared.

Praise the Lord.


Nora from Salinas, Kansas had not been feeling well

for several weeks.

Her doctor ordered blood work.

And the results showed possibly positive for Hepatitis C.

A second blood test was promptly ordered.

While waiting for the results, Nora

continued to watch "The 700 Club"

where she heard Pat give a word of knowledge somebody

has got a liver disease right now.

You've got what's called a fatty liver.

God has just healed that liver.

He's straightening it out.

The liver will get the toxins out of your body as it should,

and you'll feel like a jolt of energy

right now as we are speaking.

Nora immediately claimed that healing.

Felt heat pass through her body.

A few days later, her second blood test

was negative for Hepatitis C. Praise God.

Folks, we want to pray for you.

Listen, God All Mighty can do anything.

Nothing is impossible with the god we serve.

Nothing is impossible.

He looks down out of all the universe and you are special.

You are special.

Jesus talked about-- he said the hair of your head is numbered.

And he said not one sparrow falls to the ground

without your Heavenly Father knowing it.

Aren't you more precious than the birds?

And the answer is yes.

Now Wendy and I are going to join hands together.

And we're going to believe God for you.

Would you please just believe God with us, whatever

the problem is.

Father, I join with my sister in Christ and the name of Jesus

right now.

Somebody has psoriasis.

It's in the inside of your leg.

On your thigh and then down your calf.

God has just touched it and healed it.

In the name of Jesus.

God is touching feet right now.

If you've got anything going on with your feet, or your toes,

God is healing feet right now.

Claim it and receive that healing in Jesus' name.

Thank you God.

There's a woman here crying inside.

You've really been abused.

People, amen.

You're in an abusive relationship,

and God is going to set you free.

He's going to set you free.

He's heard your prayer and miracles are getting

ready to happen in your life.

Is it Norma?

Is that your name?

I don't know.

But you take that.

There's someone with a chronic heartburn.

It's keeping you up at night.

You've had it for a long time.

God is touching you right now.

You are going to be feeling amazingly different.

Just claim that.

Also someone with a chronic flu-like symptoms.

Thank you, Lord.

Throughout this audience, whoever you are,

receive an answer.

Just look to God.

God loves you in the name of Jesus, touch!


Wherever you are, please call us.

We'd love to hear from you.

The Lord has heard from you, you hear from him.

But please call and let us know what

he's done, because we like to share these reports.

It builds everybody's faith.

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