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Vocalist Demetria Stallings Shares Letters of the Heart

Demetria Stallings talks with Gordon Robertson about her journey to create her first album, ‘Letters of the Heart.’ Read Transcript

Well Demetria-- we call her D around here-- Demetria is here,

and it's great to have you here.

It's great to be here, Gordon, or G.


I'm G?

You're G.

Welcome to the G and D show.

Take me back to when we first met.

Do you remember that?

I do.

I remember when we first met and what you said to me.

Was is that bad?

No, it wasn't bad at all.

Actually, it propelled me into what I do today.

I remember you looked at me like I was a crazy man.

I did at first, because I said hi to you.

You were at a conference-- we were at a missions conference--

my dad was speaking.

You were the main speaker and doing worship.

And I came up to you afterward.

And I was just like, sir, thank you so much

for Regent University.

I go there.

And all of a sudden, I said thank you,

and you looked at me, and you said why aren't you

singing prophetically?

And I was like, huh?

I just said that it was really nice to--

You just wanted to thank me.

You just wanted to have a casual conversation,

and here I was getting all serious with you.

You got deep!

You got deep.

Was that bad?

No, it wasn't bad, because it, again,

it propelled me to where I was--

You looked at me like I was crazy.

I did.

The second time, though, that you said it--

because you said it again-- you were not moved whatsoever.

But the second time you said it, something

hit me deep in my gut.

And I could feel-- I knew that it

was God speaking through you.

And that changed everything that day.


You remember that?

So what did I ask you?

You said, I want you to-- well, you

asked me to be a part of this spiritual gift seminar.

At that time it was just class.

And you said, I want you to get in touch

with a couple of people.

You gave me some names, and I got in touch with them

and went into that class.

And little did I know, Gordon, that it

was going to shift my whole perspective on music,

shift my whole perspective on my relationship with God,

and shift my whole perspective on how true identity is

to know who you are in Christ.

That was the beginning of a lot of things

that have changed in my life.


It's beautiful.

Yay, God.

Yeah, yay God.

And thank you.

Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit.

Of course.

Of course I'm gonna do that.

Tell me about the journey.

It's one thing to be a singer, it's

one thing to be a worship leader,

it's another thing to be a prophetic singer.

What did it take for you to break through

to that different-- where you now identify,

I can sing prophetically?

Well, it was definitely a process,

because I had to get out of my head.

I had to get out of what I knew.

I had to get out of the whole concept of lyrics and the song


And I remember the initial time that I started stepping out

of that is, I came to CBN-- and I wasn't working at CBN yet--

but I came to CBN.

You had me and my brother singing at worship time.



Yeah, let's clarify.

Joseph Stallings.

I love my brother Joseph.

Who we call J.

Who we call J. And he's an awesome producer.

So there's D, there's J--


There's D and J!

And G!

D, J, and D!

It's like we could make a song.

We could totally-- but we won't sing together.

We're not going to sing together.

But-- we won't sing together-- but we could make a--

That's because you've heard me sing.

But you pray well.

You pray well.

[LAUGHTER] You pray well.

So we did worship.

And we had a whole list.

Big band, whole list, worship goes on,

you were sitting in the front.

Then all of the sudden, when I was about to finish, you get up

and you walk.

And I don't know how you knew I was about to finish.

I don't know if I looked at you-- but you get up

and you walk to the back!

Gordon, and when you walked to the back,

I was like I'm on my last song.

What is he doing?

I was like, so stunned and shocked,

and you walked out so that I wouldn't have any eye

contact with you whatsoever.

And I just--

You wouldn't be able to throw me a lifeline.



You wouldn't be able to say, save me, get me out of this.


Because there was method to my madness.

I realized you guys had to sing yourself out.


You had to sing yourself out of whatever the routine, whatever

the ritual was that you were doing, to really enter in.


And you guys literally got exhausted.

I started feeling sorry for you after a while.

No, I was tired.

You got exhausted.

But then you got the breakthrough.


And when you got the breakthrough you

got all the energy you needed.


And we stayed there for another--

I want to say-- two hours after that.

And just, the song of the Lord burst forth.

And prohpetic-- I mean, not just music, but you came

and you laid hands.

I mean, prophecy.

That was, I think, one of my most memorable moments

was our ministering with you and Joseph.

And just seeing the song of the Lord

but then also healing power coming through and seeing life




Yay God!

That's good.

Let me drop back a little bit and explain to people,

theologically what we're talking about.

When you get into worship songs, realize the psalms of the Bible

are prophesies, that were written under the inspiration

of the Holy Spirit.

And they have numerous musical notations.

And just study this word, selah, that you find in the psalms.

Don't just, you know, run through it and say well,

I don't know what that word means.

It's a musical interlude and it's

a pause, where the instruments take over

and the people participating in worship

both get to meditate on what just happened

and what was the meaning of the verse they just sang.

But it's also a time for the Holy Spirit

to come and revitalize you and give you inspiration for more.

And so, when you start understanding temple worship

in the time of David was spontaneous prophetic song,

that they schooled themselves in this,

then it will release you that you can do this as well.

And realize, all the promises of God are yes and Amen.

So what you see in the Old Testament you get.

And Paul talks about it in the book of Ephesians-- songs,

hymns, and spiritual songs.

He really emphasizes, and he says it a couple times.

So we're supposed to look at psalms as, here's our guide.

With hymns, we're allowed to get new ones that we write down.

But then spiritual songs, which is that point of breakthrough

where you are singing with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

And then you can also see healings through that.

And I remember you telling me that when you sing,

healing can come forth.

And it's not just the physical, it's also the emotional.

I mean, it all encompasses the--

Total person.

The total person holistic approach, yes.

And you don't know what people-- what baggage

they're bringing to that meeting.


It could be ancient baggage from their childhood.

It could be, you know, they got into an argument that morning.

You don't know.

But the wonderful thing that we do know,

is that Jesus is the answer to every human need.

And if we bring him, if we bring his inspiration

into that meeting, not our performance but him.

We bring him.

We lift him up, he will draw everyone to himself,

he will take care of all those needs, and it'll be wonderful.

Yes, and it's good you say that because it says--

I believe in second Corinthians, when

it says with unveiled faces, we go before him in his glory.

In his image, in ever increasing glory.

So when we have him-- like you said-- not performing,

not putting ourselves, but when we really sit back

and let him fill us up, the glory of the Lord

comes out of us and we say-- we show his image for him.

And so often we fall short of it.

We miss it.


We get into our routine.

We get into the busyness of life and we don't do it.

But we have an opportunity right now.

We have an urgent prayer request.

It's from Arlene and Chandra Boyer.

They write, "last week, our two-year-old daughter Hannah

was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia that spreads fast.

We were immediately flown to St. Jude hospital

for emergency surgery.

The surgery went well and now the chemo begins.

Hannah's name means favor, and we

are praying for God's healing favor

upon our precious daughter.

Please pray with us."

So what I want to challenge you to do, is not just pray,

but can you sing a prayer over Hannah.

Inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Let's do a demonstration right now.

So people heard us talk, they heard the theology,

now you get to see it in action.

All right?


So thank you Father, for your grace

and you mercy over Hannah.

[SINGING] I will wash you, oh Hannah.

I've called you favor for such a times as this.

My glory shall reveal my love.

And the waters, oh the waters, yes the waters of peace

shall come.

Thank you, Father, for Hannah.

Thank you for Sharon and-- Shannon and Arlene.

They're even feeling your peace, even right now.

Even right now to know that Hannah is favor and favor

comes from God.

So we just be killing in Jesus' name.



That is phenomenal.

In what she just sang-- the I will cleanse

you-- realize leukemia is a blood disease.

He's going to cleanse the blood.

The blood will be cleansed.

What a wonderful prayer.

This is an exciting time for you,

because you are coming out with a CD, Letters of the Heart.

Now this releases, not now but February 12.

February 12th.

Is there any way people can pre-order?

They can.

There's a special that we're doing with CBN alone.

A pre-release.

And people go to to purchase

a hard copy of this CD.

So they can get it now.

They can get it now.

Before it get into iTunes and all that.

So you can get the CD now--

Doing a pre-sale release.

If you're doing old school.




And for two days on my website,

People can download it digitally, for two days only


All right, so these are songs that you wrote, right?

Two of them are songs that I wrote.

One Mark Carmen, my producer, also wrote.

Phenomenal guy.

He helped the sound come out of me.

Well I know enough about you.

Can We Just Dance is one you wrote, right?

Yes, that one, yes.

And what's the other one?

Lord Jesus, Guide Me was the single.


You didn't know you were going to get quizzed.

I know, right?

I didn't know, Gordon.

I should know with you, though.

I should know.

Guide Me.

That comes to mind.

Guide me, I need help.

All right, so it's available now.

And people can order it.

How much is is?

It's 15 on

And for a donation, that people can

help me build a hope center in South America

with ICM, if they go digitally and donate $10.

On my website, for two days only though, for right now.


So you travel You go-- I know you really are

loving with Iceland, which is

I know!

That's my other family.


Yes, you gotta go with me.

Well-- no promises.

You know my schedule.

But if people want to book you to come in and do ministry--

teach worship teams how to do what you do,

show them the way so they can get released into this gift--

how do they do it?

They can go to,

and there should be a booking tab right there.

And they click on that and they can fill out the information,

and we'll get back with them.




So, book up D. [LAUGHTER]

All right.

One more time, Letters of the Heart, it's available,

it's a CD, it's available here at

Or you can go to

and help her build down in South America.

And that would be great.

D, it's always great to have you.

Aww, great to have you.

Love you.

Love you more.

All right.

No, you don't.

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